Singapore National Day Parade 2021: What Should You Expect? Read To Know Everything

The Singapore National Day Parade had been postponed recently but the wait is finally over as it has been announced that the parade will be performed on Saturday i.e, August 21. The parade will reportedly start at 6 PM

Parade Schedule

The full day is scheduled with a lot of activities followed by the parade. Sources claim that the parade and the ceremony will be accompanied by the aerial moves of the jet plane. That will be followed by the performance by parachutists of Red Lions and their landing will be seen. The show is scheduled with the performances displaying the culture and spirit of Singapore, its attitude of not giving up during tough times and its resilience.

Catch The Parade Live

It has been reported that the parade will have full live coverage throughout the programs. The parade and other performances can be seen live at the Facebook and Youtube page of ND Peeps.

Director And Hosts

The show is going to be made under the direction of Boo Junfeng who has assumed the role of the Creative Director. This year the show has been quite a secretive affair unlike most of the time. This year most shows and previews have been kept a secret from the public which was otherwise always open to the masses.

The hosting responsibilities have been taken by Joakim Gomez, Eswari Gunasagar, Patricia Mok, and Fauzie Laily. The show has reportedly more than 600 live performances in store which will be featured during the program. This huge number is still pretty small when compared to the National Day Parade that happened at Marina Bay in the year 2018.

Stars To Perform

Many celebrities and stars are going to perform at the National Day Parade. The performers’ list includes names like Alemay Fernandez, Inch Chua, Mandopop Duo The Freshman( Chen Diya and Carrie Yeo), Nich Zavior, Benjamin Kheng, and Raja Yung.

Theme Song Of The Year

The theme song for this year’s National Day Parade is The Road Ahead, which will be performed live on stage. Singers like Linying, Sezairi Sezali, Shye-Anne Brown, Shabir Tabare Alam are going to perform the theme song.

More About The Parade

The show is going to feature more than 600 live performances from participants belonging to groups like the People’s Association and Institutes such as the National University Of Singapore and other institutes like Republic Polytechnic.

The athletes that represent Singapore are going to be appearing during the finale of the show. This year’s National Day Parade is set to feature animated films and is going to be adding special effects for the audience. People watching live from the television are going to enjoy Augmented Reality too.

This year’s National Day Parade is the ultimate parade that is going to be held in Marina Bay. The Following parades and show will most probably be done at NS Square.

The show encourages the viewers to tune in from their homes and watch the parade live. People can also join from areas around the venue, Marina Bay. Though the entrance will not be allowed after a certain point to prevent over-crowding.


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