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Fans of the hit Canadian comedy series “Letterkenny” will be thrilled to know that one of the show’s most beloved characters, Shoresy, will be returning for a second season of his spin-off show. The announcement of “Shoresy” season 2 has been eagerly anticipated since the first season ended in February 2022. Now, the release date for the new season has been confirmed.

“Shoresy” follows the foul-mouthed and crude hockey player, Shoresy, as he navigates his way through life on and off the ice. The character, played by actor and writer Jared Keeso, has become a fan favorite for his hilarious insults and over-the-top antics. The first season of “Shoresy” received high praise from fans and critics alike, with many calling it a worthy spin-off of “Letterkenny”. The show’s success has also led to speculation about whether other “Letterkenny” characters could get their own spin-offs in the future.

The release date for “Shoresy” season 2 has been set for April 2023, and fans are already eagerly counting down the days. With the return of Shoresy, viewers can expect even more laughs and outrageous behavior from one of the funniest characters on television.

When will it release?

Although no information has been given yet about Shoresy’s return to Hulu, the announcement of the show’s second season has been made through a tweet from the official Hulu account. Shoresy, the character with the mission to never lose a hockey game again, will be back to deliver more chirps. The unique reveal of Shoresy’s face in the series’ universe, after previously only being seen under a bathroom stall or wearing a hockey helmet, adds to the show’s appeal. It’s also interesting to note that Jared Keeso plays both Shoresy and Wayne, with no comments made about their facial similarities. As for the episode count, viewers can expect another season consisting of six episodes, which has been the average for Letterkenny seasons with a few exceptions. This spin-off will likely follow the same format. So, although the release date for Shoresy’s second season on Hulu is unknown, fans can look forward to another season filled with humor and hockey-centric antics.

Cast for season 2

The upcoming season of “Shoresy” will feature a star-studded cast, including Jared Keeso as the foul-mouthed hockey player Shoresy, Tasya Teles as Nat, Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat as Sanguinet, Blair Lamora as Ziigwan, Keilani Rose as Miigwan, and more. Keeso, who is also the show’s creator and writer, serves as the executive producer and star of the series. Meanwhile, Tierney serves as executive producer and director, and Kaniehtiio Horn is a producer. “Shoresy” is produced by New Metric Media in association with Play Fun Games, with Bell Media developing the show for Crave. The plot of Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off, with Shoresy’s determination to never lose again as he joins the Sudbury Bulldogs hockey team.

The expected plot of season 2

The series follows the profanity-laced endeavors of a hockey player named Shoresy, who decides to switch countries and join a different hockey team after experiencing various victories and losses. Additionally, he moves from Letterkenny to Sudbury to play for the Sudbury Bulldogs, a team that has already achieved triple-A status. He makes a vow to never lose again, ushering in an era of relentless ambition to always come out on top. However, he soon realizes that life has other surprises and adventures in store for him. The storyline of the second season will pick up where the first season concluded.

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