Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4: What Does Naofumi Plan to Do Next?

With the Spirit Tortoise declining in battle in an anti-climactic way, the search for the actual villain will proceed in The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4. Naofumi and the unanimous troop may have defeated this fight but the real villain still wavers in the knowledge, governing the actual creature under his powers. With the most current event degrading the goals of fans, the recent episode will come out on 27th April 2022. The previous episode removed us with Naofumi and the unified army putting up with their place, pausing for the Spirit Tortoise to give rise to its motion. And this event commences with the most awful CGI that the anime has recognized until now.

The Spirit Tortoise looks dreadful and its actions make it one of the terrible CGI animations borrowed in an anime of such credentials. On the outskirts of the battleground, we see Naofumi’s company being instructed to evacuate as one of Melty’s assistants inquires to enlist their team as a courier. As they quit for the battlefield, we see all of the armies taking their battle stances under the power of Eclair. Watching Naofumi on the battleground, all of the combatants get a morale improvement. With an enormous horde of bats in front of them, they march into the heart of the celebrated creatures.

Naofumi and his squad attract the gangs away as the Spirit Tortoise enters the central troop. But when attempting to rewrite his highway, all of the crowds assault him at once. However, Ost Hourai discloses a new moment that regulates the gravity around her adversaries and breaks the spell on all of the mobs giving rise to the barrier easier to handle. Back in the war against the Spirit Tortoise, the army’s actions do not bear fruits as the beast is not at all pretentious by their catapults. But the bombing undertaking of the Island’s commander ends the beast in one fell swoop.

With the Spirit Tortoise on its knees, Rishia discovers away in the tales to quit it but Ost gets a bit uneven as she knows her past. It is then disclosed that the creature has another long-range assault in case of disasters like this. On Naofumi’s power, the next stage of the plan gets underway with the mages educating their incantations to break the spell of the beast. When a new parasite common occurs, the continuing army and Ost take care of it, so that Naofumi could touch the neck of the Spirit Tortoise.

With the episode breaking off in a big spin, it looks like the true Spirit Tortoise hasn’t been overthrown yet. With Ost still drooping around after clearing out the head of the Spirit Tortoise, the true war is continuing. In the next episode, Ruins in the Fog will see what will occur after the victory on the battleground after so much demise and devastation. It will be known on 27th April 2022.

The streaming platform is Crunchyroll for The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2. To better fulfill the necessities of fans in various time zones, the Crunchyroll company is helping by delivering alternate timings for each episode.


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