Shawn Mendes CHEATING on Camila Cabello might be why they broke up

Getting Familiar

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, both singers, were acquainted in 2014. The romantic engagement between Mendes and Cabello started on July 4, 2019. Post having an affair for two years, the stars announced their splitting. After being known for many years, the couple started dating each other in July of the year 2019. Now the couple has again decided to break up and be friends again. Cabello recounted her initial thought of Mendes when they encountered on the Mahone trip in a 2019 conversation with V magazine. In the year 2015, Shawn Mendes was questioned, in an interview, to pick between Camila Cabello, Jade Thirlwall, and star Chloe Grace Moretz as the woman he’d tie the knot.

Their very first song namely, I Know what you did last summer, initially came out in November of the year 2015. They initially encountered each other at Taylor Swift‘s show and soon after their first meeting, their first song was made public. Following the launch of the track, rumors that the two were courting exploded. Once during 2015 while appearing on “The Late Late Show With James Corden,” Mendes and Cabello flatly refuted them. Almost after a year, the couple was still denying their relationship rumors. Mendes expressed to a journalist that he and the singer are just good pals.

In December of the year 2017, when Mendes labeled Cabello “girlfriend material” in an interview, romance rumors between the two resurfaced. The following year Mendes declared Cabello his “favorite person in the entire world” in a chat with Beats-1 host Zane Lowe.

Here’s Why Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Ended Their Relationship

The relationship of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello was very much liked by their fans. After dating each other for two years the couple decided to split up. On Wednesday, November 17, the “Senorita” singers individually made a declaration on their Instagram accounts. The revelation came as a shock to Shamila fans, as the pair appeared happier than before and donned in a similar partner’s outfit for Halloween. As the reports suggest the main ground for their splitting was their tight- working schedule. During the period of the shutdown of Covid- 19, the relationship between the two grew stronger but as soon as they resumed their work, they were unable to give proper time to each other.

On November 17, Shawn and Camila confirmed their separation through Instagram. Shawn and Camila became pals in 2015 while on vacation around each other and produced their debut song jointly. Certain sources suggest that their relationship did not end on bad terms, no doubt Camila was unhappy with this separation. As the reports say that this separation was based on the decision of both the stars. A witness informed InTouch Weekly that the pair had a hiatus for a while after being confined with each other in Miami amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Camila was sobbing at a lunch meeting with Shawn in September 2021, according to Page Six. No doubt the main cause behind this is not yet known but it is speculated that it may be linked to their relationship. Post this breakup Mendes released a song on 1st December namely, It’ll Be Okay. It points that the song is related to Camila and describes the scenario of their breakup and their attempts to mend everything work.


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