Shaquille O’Neal DISGUSTED at Jada Smith and Will Smith for SLAPPING Chris Rock

The big news is running through as Shaquille O’Neal recently shared his words on the big situation which turned up at The Oscars between Chris Rock and Will Smith.

The special night of the Oscars will stay out to be a memorable one after what happened and the unexpected turn of events left not only the audience present at the event but the world speechless. Mentioning the part where Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith on the big event at the stage in front of everyone and this was due to the part where Chris Rock cracked a joke on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

The situation turned out to be even more intense when Will Smith shouted at Chris Rock to not call out his wife’s name and refer to her at all. Also to mention the part that the controversy is being hugely talked about throughout and everyone is talking about it on the internet while the majority of them support Chris Rock and though Will Smith was basically criticized for the behavior that he put in front.

Shaquille O’Neal made it clear that it was wrong what took place at the event of Oscars

A number of celebrities throughout the world have shared their reactions to the situation which turned up and have shown their support to Chris Rock while mentioning that Shaquille O’Neal has also come forward to talk about the matter recently.

O’Neil addressed the situation when he was basically present for a podcast recently and stated that if one talks to ten men about the situation then four of them would probably feel the same way as Will Smith felt and would try to do anything for their wives without knowing the consequences but then two of them would take the situation as a normal one and think about it thoroughly while eventually turning out and realizing that it was wrong.

It’s been more than two weeks since the situation turned out at the event of Oscars and though it is not slowing down to stay in discussions and talks anytime soon and still a number of famous personalities are sharing their opinions on it. The big question which stays a debate on the internet is whether Will Smith was right to make a move in order to defend his wife or he should not have done it.

Moreover to mention that Chris Rock has not yet come forward ever since to address the situation while the personality has also been trying to keep it quiet over time and though he was also asked to press charges against the personality Chris Rock did not do so.

Hence to mention that everything was considered in order and though Will Smith has been banned from the event of the Oscars for 10 years as the authorities reached a conclusion after the situation that took place on the big night.

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