Shailene Woodley might reprise her deleted role as MJ in Amazing Spider-Man 3

The big news is being shed light on at the time suggesting that Shailene Woodley might move forward to reprise her role as MJ in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 opposite Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. MCU has been thorough whenever it has come to the cast members and though mentioning the part that Mary Jane Watson was set to appear in Amazing Spider-Man and though this was the plan whereas the role of the character was then cut from the movie when the final version was put through and Gwen was found as the best one to fit in the movie.

Also mention the part that there were some plans which were into making that MJ would be appearing in the sequel of Amazing Spider-Man but things did not go as planned for the character and once again the sequel of the movie continued with Gwen stepping ahead as the main love interest of Peter Parker.

Shailene Woodley is the favorite to play Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Shailene Woodley was the one who was chosen to play the role of Mary Jane and mentioned that the personality was also cast in the role but she did not receive the opportunity somehow as it kept shifting at the time and though the personality did not appear in the movie of Marvel. Moreover to mention a number of people on the internet stated that they would love to see Shailene stepping into the character and thought she would perfectly suit the character. Kirsten Dunst played the role of Mary Jane for the first time and thought everyone loved the performance she delivered with the character.

Though it was portrayed by the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 that Gwen has died and thus there are talks of Amazing Spider-Man 3 happening at the time which basically means that another major character would be stepping ahead at the time and the audience suspects that Shailene Woodley may reprise her role in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and though this can no doubt be a big opportunity for the personality as she will be playing the big character role from the comics of Spider-Man.

Nothing has been confirmed so far by the authorities on this point but we can see this happening at the time as Shailene also mentioned back in time that she would love to play the role of Mary Jane someday and there could not be an any better opportunity than this one.

The audience would also love to cover a new look from the character that Shailene would deliver as the famous personality has been a part of some of the big projects in the period of time and thus the Amazing Spider-Man 3 could be a big one for her. It is yet to see what more updates and information will be passed through at the time and how Shailene Woodley may step in to play the role of Mary Jane in the upcoming movie.