Top 30 Sexiest Anime Girls Of All Time

Animes have been around for quite some time now and there have many great animes throughout the vast list of genres. Although many animes have intriguing story arcs taken from their parent manga and light novels. The main attraction of any anime is its characters and how they are presented to the audience. In this article, we are going to list down the sexiest anime girls of all time. We already know that you guys already have some names in your head, so go through the list and check if your favorite anime girl has made it to the list.

Shouko Komi (Komi Can’t Communicate)

The character of Shouko Komi is a very interesting one. She seems to be very sassy and not willing to communicate with anyone and is perfect at everything in school, making her the most popular girl in the school. However, she is an extremely shy person and finds it very hard to communicate with others. If we talk about her looks, she is actually very pretty with big eyes and a tall frame which have led her to this list of the sexiest anime girls

Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame is the main protagonist of the anime Akame Ga Kill. The anime has been very popular during its runtime and has gained quite a popularity. Apart from having a great physique, the character of Akame is a very dominating one and she keeps a cold attitude during her kills which makes her more attractive to some people. And this is why she has made it to the list.

Kurumi Tokisaki (Date a Live)

Kurumi might look like a little kid at the first glance, but you will know who we are talking about if you have watched Date A Live. Well, if you haven’t then we have just the right amount of information for you. According to Mana Takamiya, she is the most dangerous spirit to have ever existed and has killed over 10000 people. But, you cannot deny the fact that she is one of the sexiest anime girls ever.

Yūki Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Asuna is one of the main characters of Sword Art Online. She is liked throughout the anime fandom for her petite figure and her charming personality. But what most people like in her is her loyalty to the one she loves. Whatever the situation is, she never leaves Kirito’s side. And this is something she is one of the most remarkable characters.

Mizuhara Chizuru (Rent A Girlfriend)

Mizuhara is one of the lead characters of Rent A Girlfriend. She is sought by every man as his girlfriend. She is drop-dead gorgeous and also a part-time actor and a girlfriend for rent. Who would not want a girl like her as a girlfriend? During its run, the anime was the most popular and that is Why she is on the list.

Midnight (My Hero Academia)

Despite the fact that My Hero Academia does not feature any erotic or semi-erotic content for that matter, this character has been successful to find a place in the heart of the fans, and that too with very little screen time. This proves that sexual innuendos are not necessary for a character to be sexy. This is why she is on our list of the sexiest anime girls.

Yor Forger (Spy X Family)

A common lady working as a City Hall Clerk by the day and an assassin named Thorn Princess by the night, Yor is a very beautiful, graceful, and fairly tall young lady with a slender yet curvaceous frame. She has an uncommon red iris color which makes her even more desirable. She is sexy not just by her looks, but her personality as well and fans love her which has led her to this list.

Saber (Fate Series)

Saber is one of the main characters in Fate, and one of the three main heroines in the anime. Although she is a warrior and slightly more muscular than others, the fans find her quite appealing and thus she made it into our list of the sexiest anime girls.

Nami (One Piece)

One Piece is considered to be one of the big 4 animes and has over a thousand episodes. The characters of the anime have also grown along with the anime itself. One of the most popular characters of the anime and the entire anime fandom is Nami, who happens to be the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. There have been multiple instances of Nami being the hottest girl in the room gaining fans’ attention from all around the world.

Orihime Inoune (Bleach)

Orihime is one of the positive characters of Bleach She is a human living in Karakura town. And in the anime, it has been stated that she was a former student of Karakura High School. Her most noticeable physical trait is her slender yet curvaceous figure for a teenager. This has led the fans to fall for her, which is why she has made it to this list.

Tsunade (Naruto)

Every Anime fan is aware of Naruto and it is also considered on of the big 4. One of the many reasons why it has gained such a great fan following throughout time is its magnificent female characters. Tsunade is one of the main female characters in Naruto. As strong as she is beautiful, Tsunade is the granddaughter of the 1st Hokage Senju Hashirama and the 5th Hokage herself. She is one of the series’ strongest characters which makes her very attractive to the fans and led her to this list of the sexiest anime girls.

Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

Although she is one of the main protagonists of Akame Ga Kill, Esdeath is a very violent and sadistic personality. But everything can be forgotten by her tall and attractive looks. Her way of fighting in combat makes her even more desirable to the audience as it provides an even closer look at the attributes. Her hot looks are impossible to ignore and that’s why she has made it to the list of the sexiest anime girls.

Tsubasa Hanekawa (Bakemonogatari)

Tsubasa Hanekawa might be the most unpopular entry yet, as she is a simple and studious girl until she gets possessed by a cat demon. The possession of this demon changes her into one of the sexiest anime girls that exist. We are not kidding and if you don’t believe us then you can watch the Bakemonogatari anime here.

Miku (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Miku is one of the lead characters of The Quintessential Quintuplets anime. Although the five main characters of the anime look the same, Miku has a timid personality which is why she has gathered quite a lot of popularity among the viewers. She also usually wears a headphone which separates her from the rest of the quintuplets and puts the highlight on her. Her aesthetics has led her to this list of the sexiest anime girls.

Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

The list of the sexiest anime girls is incomplete without Hinata from Naruto. Hinata is a fan-favorite character and is liked by most viewers. She comes out to be one of the most entertaining female characters with her shy and embarrassing moments. She also happens to have a huge crush on the lead character Naruto and her loyalty is something that sets her apart. She is also quite attractive and has the most unique eyes because of her ability to use the legendary Byakugan in combat.

Rin Tohsaka (Fate Series)

Rin Tohsaka is one of the most dominant characters there which makes her a very desirable woman. Her most attractive features are her thighs and the internet is a fan of them. In short, the list of the sexiest anime girls is incomplete without the addition of Rin Tohsaka from the Fate series.

Rangiku (Bleach)

Rangiku is no doubt one of the sexiest characters in Bleach. Her hourglass figure and tiny waist are what viewers are a fan of. She uses her attractive body to seduce people because why not. Apart from that she also has an amusing personality which makes her a worthy inclusion on this list

Hibana (Fire Force)

Hibana is a beautiful, curvy brown light-skinned young woman with shoulder-length light-pink hair that has bangs swept on either side and blue eyes that have a shade of pink and pink flower-shaped pupils. She is a princess and she behaves like one. Being a 3rd generation pyrokinetic and captain of the special fire force company 5, she has taken a liking of inflicting pain upon infernals she captures for her research.

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

With her long red hair and armor that enhances her beauty, Erza from Fairy Tail is one of the most attractive anime girls. She has a strong and dominant character who is also a member of the fairy tail guild. Her fierce and fearless nature has led her to this list.

Yoruichi (Bleach)

Yoruichi is one of the main female characters of Bleach and also one of the fastest characters. She is one of the coolest characters in Bleach and keeps joking around but when duty calls she is a fierce fighter with a serious attitude. Her personality itself has brought her up into this list.

Boa Hancock (One Piece)

The list of the sexiest anime girls is incomplete without the Pirate Empress herself, none other than, Boa Hancock. She is one of the hottest women not only in One Piece but in all anime altogether. She is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and is often seen wearing revealing outfits which pleases the viewers with her beauty.

Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden is the main character of the anime of the same name. Although she might not give you the hot character vibes at first as the series progresses and you dive deep into the story and her character. Being an automemory doll the audience feels her to be emotionless at first but slowly her character arc grows subsequently and that is why she is in the list of the sexiest anime girls.

Freya (Danmachi: Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?)

Freya is the main antagonist of Danmachi anime. She is flirtatious, loves to tease, and has an unending appetite for talented adventurers. Freya has a beauty that is superior and outstanding even among the gods. She has long silver hair and white skin like that of fresh snow. She has a perfect golden ratio, enough to think that the golden ratio originated from her. These attributes of her has brought her into this list.

Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa is a woman of quality and value and is loyal to the one she loves. Yes, she is in love with Eren Yeager who is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan. Her loyalty alone has made a special place among the fans of the anime and has also put her in this list of the sexiest anime girls. However, she has other qualities as well, being an Ackerman, she has strength like no other and her physical appeal is too strong to be ignored.

Albedo (Overlord)

Albedo is the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. An impeccable beauty, Albedo is a woman with lustrous jet-black hair and the face of a goddess. On her waist are a pair of black wings which gives her the looks of an angel. She is a succubus and is obsessed with Ainz which is why she has made it to this list.

Fubuki (One Punch Man)

Fubuki is a young woman with a curvy figure, chin-length, dark green hair styled into a bob. On the outside, Fubuki is a cold-hearted, ambitious, confident individual who does not doubt her own abilities but understands her limits to an extent, causing her to not do anything irrational. Fubuki seems to be a charismatic leader, as many of her group members respect and care for her and are willing to risk their lives for her and she also cares deeply for her Blizzard group which makes her a worthy inclusion into this list.

Rias Gremory (High School DXD)

Rias Gromory is the main female protagonist of High School DXD. Her butt-length crimson hair, intense light blue eyes, and a curvaceous body make her one of the most loved female characters in the anime fandom. However, what makes her even more important is her hotness. She is arguably the hottest girl in the entire show. This has led her into the list of the sexiest anime girls.

Mai Sakurajima (Bunny Girl Senpai)

Bunny Girl Senpai continues to be one of the most well-written romance anime with unexpected plot twists and unforgettable characters. The main character, Mai Sakurajima has everything a person needs to be considered the hottest girl. She has beauty and a sexy personality as well which makes her on the sexiest anime girls

Akeno Himejima (High School DXD)

Akeno’s hotness is beyond any measure. It’s just too much. Akeno is one of the main characters in the anime High School DxD. She is the Queen of the Gremory peerage and constant competition for Rias to win over Issei. Even the anime fandom has been divided into two groups to know which one is better. It is only up to you to determine who is the best.

Meiko Shiraki (Prison School)

An antagonist in the beginning, Meiko Shiraki slowly transitioned into an ally to the Kiyoshi Fijuno and the boys in the Prison School anime. Her looks are breathtaking. She has a tall stature, a slim waist, a voluptuous body and large breasts. She is usually seen wearing the school uniform with a miniskirt, oval shaped glasses, tights, knee-length boots and an open collar, and brandishes a horse-whip for torture methods on the prisoners portraying her dominant side to the viewers. She is thirsted upon by the fans and is by far the sexiest anime girls of all. What do you think?

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