Sex Education Season 4 – Top 10 best Characters of the Show

Netflix is a common term amongst the new generation. There is no way that a teenager doesn’t know the term ‘Netflix and Chill.’ Now, Netflix is known as one of the most popular online streaming platforms, giving tough competition with other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. The platform has millions of shows registered in it. Today we are going to talk about one of those shows, that has received the highest rating from the critics and the viewers from all around the world. Yes… today’s show is ‘Sex Education.’ Now that three seasons have been released by the streaming giant, everybody is looking forward to the upcoming Sex Education Season 4. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 best characters of Sex Education Season 4.

Sex Education Season 4

  1. Ola Nyman

Ola (Patricia Allison) got an unfair amount of hate. She used to be the obstacle in Otis and Maeve’s eventual relationship, but she now has a different story and came into her own even more during season 3. As evidenced by her journey in season 2, Ola is loyal and brave. She stands up for Adam and even gets fired because of it. She’s isn’t afraid to pursue her feelings for Lily and starts a loving and committed relationship with the one-of-a-kind girl. Ola is a refreshing and even inspiring character, with season 3 adding sympathy as she revealed how much the loss of her mother is still weighing on her. She is expected to have huge character development in Sex education Season 4.

Sex Education Season 4

  1. Jackson Marchetti

Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) also subverts a classic teen stereotype of the dumb jock. Handsome, athletic, and popular, he also proves to be understanding, sweet, and multi-talented. Jackson is not without fault, but his process of learning and road to emotional maturity are some of the show’s most compelling arcs. Jackson’s relationship with Maeve helps him more mature and makes him open up to his mothers. In season 2, his friendship with Viv helps him get in touch with his artistic sensibilities and discover a new side to himself. Jackson also pursued a romance with Cal and tried new things during season 3, continuing his impressive evolution.

Sex Education Season 4

  1. Otis Milburn

Otis (Asa Butterfield) is the show’s lead, and he certainly is likable. Clumsy, shy, and unintentionally hilarious, Otis is a walking contradiction: a very knowledgeable and put-together young man who’s still emotionally immature. However, that’s what makes him such an engaging and easy-to-root-for character, as he’s an imperfect romantic hero. His ongoing relationship with Maeve provides the show’s emotional center, making them one of the most beloved couples nowadays. Furthermore, his complex dynamic with his mother and loving friendship with Eric makes him a one-of-a-kind protagonist who isn’t afraid to show his feelings. Season 3 saw him become more selfish as he didn’t help others and he broke Ruby’s heart but by the end, he understood where he went wrong and righted the ship. We can expect to see more about Otis in Sex Education Season 4.

Sex Education Season 4

  1. Lily Iglehart

When it comes to unique characters, no one beats Lily (Tanya Reynolds). The quirky and creative girl is truly a one-of-a-kind character full of surprises and endearing moments. The show often celebrates her uniqueness and even showcases her daring and vibrant mind during season 2 by having her mount a bizarre but very entertaining musical play. Other characters are, at times, puzzled by Lily’s behavior and hobbies, but ostracized for it. The one time that it begins to happen at the end of season 3 nearly sees Lily lose herself but she got through it. Lily even came to understand that she messed up by ignoring Ola’s problems and they were on the road to fixing things.

Sex Education Season 4

  1. Jean Milburn

Jean, is a unique character in streaming. Played to perfection by television icon Gillian Anderson, Jean is a blunt, intelligent, sexually liberated woman on a crusade to de-stigmatize sex and educate women about their pleasure. Jean is like a breath of fresh air, a woman who isn’t afraid of her sexuality or needs. She also stands her ground and doesn’t let anyone bully or intimidate her. On top of everything, she genuinely wants to help others, and her guidance gives the kids at Moordale some much-needed peace of mind. In season 3, she showed both her most vulnerable and strong sides, adding to her layers as a character.

  1. Eric Effiong

Eric can be considered one of the best characters of Sex Education Season 4. From day one, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) is a bright spot in a mostly cloudy town. His outfits are alone dazzle, but it’s his personality that makes all the difference. Eric’s journey is all about coming to terms with himself and his sexuality. The moment when he walks into the dance with neon makeup and a fabulously fierce outfit is as inspiring as it’s iconic. His tender relationship with his dad is also a highlight of his journey. By season 2, he’s comfortable enough to have his first boyfriend and even helps Adam deal with his issues. Season 3 saw him learn more about his roots and come to realize that though he loves Adam, they’re in different places right now.

  1. Aimee Gibbs

Bubbly, innocent, and endearing, Aimee will be the most loveable character of Sex Education Season 4. She’s loyal, committed, sweet, and supportive, always there for her friends. During season 2, Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) deals with sexual harassment, but her friends help her face her trauma in an empowering moment. It’s a powerful storyline that unfortunately resonates now more than ever.

  1. Adam Groff

After a brief stint in military school, Adam returns and tries to get his act together. Throughout season 2, he goes from a young man afraid to look people in the eye to someone willing to make a grand love declaration in front of the entire school. Season 3 was even better for Adam, as he was a good boyfriend to Eric, formed bonds with Ruby and Rahim, tried to do better in school, learned a new skill, and came out to his mother. It went a long way in making Adam a beloved character and he will continue to grow in Sex Education Season 4.

  1. Ruby Matthews

Ruby does exhibit numerous mean girl attributes– hilariously cruel one-liners and wicked fashion sense, for starters–but she’s more than her image. She had remarkable chemistry with Otis and opened herself up in a more vulnerable way than anyone expected. She let him into her life and fell in love, only to be spurned. As soon as audiences finished season 3, they took to Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms to deliver high praise for Ruby, who some say even carried the episodes.

  1. Maeve Wiley

Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey) is one of television’s best characters, period. Unapologetic, wise, bold, and sarcastic, Maeve is one of the most memorable teen figures in a long time. She’s fiercely independent and afraid to let others in, having been disappointed by others before. Still, Maeve’s journey is intricate but engaging. She goes through more ups and downs than anyone else in the show but never gives up. Her vulnerability, first with Jackson and then with Otis, also makes her more relatable, while her drive and intelligence make her an inspiring Sex Education character. Complicated but infinitely likable, Maeve is Sex Education’s not-so-secret weapon. Every show should have its own Maeve Wiley. In season 3, though she finally got her kiss with Otis, she made the right call and chose to further her education in America.

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