Sex Education Season 4 starts filming: Release Date and Production Updates

The lewd and wild comedy, Sex Education has never failed to disappoint its fans with the release of its consecutive seasons. In fact, each season has gotten stronger in withholding the fans to itself and the series by its true character growth, powerful and impactful story, and the care and attention it takes to addressing sex and relationships of all various shapes and sizes. In this article, we shall discuss Sex Education Season 4.

About Sex Education’s popularity

Sex Education is a Netflix British comedy-drama which has been created by Laurie Nunn. The first season aired on 11th January 2019, the second season on 17th January 2020, and the third season on 17th September 2021. The fans have absolutely loved all three seasons of the web series. It has gained critical acclaim for the ensemble cast, direction, writing, and production values and especially for the mature treatment of its themes.

Sex Education has been a viewership success with around 40 million viewers streaming the first season post its debut on Netflix. There has never been any confusion that it has maintained its popularity throughout and the fans have always wanted more and more seasons of the series. It is no wonder now that the fourth season is also arriving for the fans because of its instant impact on the top 10 lists across the world.

Sex Education Season 4

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Plot Summary of Sex Education

Although it is foolish to summarize the plot of the series because almost everyone is aware of it, we are giving the plot summary for those who haven’t watched this epic comedy-drama yet. The plot revolves around a teenage boy, Otis, whose mother is a sex therapist. Otis is a socially awkward high school student of Moordale Secondary School, who does not have much experience in the romantic area.

But he gets pretty good guidance on sex-ed courses from his mother, Jean, because she is a sex therapist. Otis has been since always surrounded by manuals, videos, and profoundly open conversations about sex which have made him a reluctant expert on the subject. He uses this expertise and insider knowledge about sex for the purpose of improving his status at school.

For this, he teams up with a whip-smart but bad girl Maeve for setting up an underground sex therapy clinic for dealing with the problems of their classmates. But in the way of the analysis of teenage sexuality, Otis discovers that he might need some therapy of his own. He also realizes that he is getting attracted to Maeve.

What is the renewal status of Sex Education 4?

Sex Education Season 4 was confirmed to be happening by Netflix on 25th September 2021. The news was unveiled during the TUDUM event on Netflix. Of course, it has to be renewed as at the time of writing, Sex Education has grabbed the top spot from the finale of Lucifer and is presently holding the #1 Spot on Netflix in 70 distinct countries which include the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada.

In the new top 10 data of Netflix, it is clearly visible that the third season of Sex Education was one of the biggest shows of the month of September. Between 12th September 2021 and 24th October 2021, the hours of the show watched were 447,750,000 hours globally. It was also seen that Season 1 and 2 have entered the Global Top 10s too.

When is Sex Education 4 going to release?

The fans have been very lucky to get consecutive 3 seasons of Netflix every year since 2019 consecutively with a break of some months. Although, this time the streak of consistency is going to be broken by the fourth season. This is because the fourth season is not going to arrive in 2022.

Over the last few months, it has been seen in several reports that the show was due to get filming for many days. The production listings for June 2022 suggested that the series had not started to be filmed before July 2022 and would not be wrapped up before March 2023. We are expecting a Summer 2023 release from Sex Education Season 4. Not much information about the production and filming has been revealed by the makers or the streaming service as of now.

We might be seeing Otis and Maeve back on track, an independent Eric, Joy’s real father, Cal finds himself in a relationship and the future of Moordale in the fourth season of Sex Education.

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