Sex Education Season 4: Is This The End Of The Show?

Among the millions of shows that are available on Netflix, only some are made and produced by the streaming giant itself. And we have seen that Netflix has garnered quite a popularity by serving us with some of its original series. Today we are going to talk about a Netflix original that has been ranked as one of the top 10 series from all around the world. Yeah… you’ve guessed right… today’s topic is ‘Sex Education.’ The British dramedy series that is meant for generation Z has ranked as a top-notch series from all around the globe as soon as it was premiered on the online streaming platform Netflix. The show is produced by the OTT platform itself. The first installment of the show was debuted in 2019 and since its premiere, we have seen 2 more seasons continuing the story at full fledge. It’s just been 4 years since the series arrived but the cast is already looking forward to continuing the show to deliver the fans Sex Education Season 4.

Sex Education Season 4

A Quick Recap

The ending of the third installment has clearly indicated that the show will bring another season. So, before jumping into the discussion about Sex Education Season 4, Let’s have a quick look into what we saw in the last seasons.

Otis (Asa Butterfield) is a high school student who is a good mentor and problem solver. He has gained some immense psychological and sexual knowledge from his sex therapist mom, Jean (Gillian Anderson). His capabilities were recognized by Maeve (Emmy Mackey) and together they form a sex clinic to solve the sexual problems of the other students. Otis grows feelings for Maeve whereas Maeve is totally unaware of that fact. At the end of the last season, we saw Maeve is going to America in order to study in college as she got a scholarship. Otis and Maeve have feelings for each other now and when Maeve tells him that she is going to the USA, Otis asks Maeve “So, it’s a goodbye.” Maeve answers that it’s ‘see you soon.’ So, rest assured, we are going to see Sex Education Season 4 for sure.

Is This The End of the Show?

When it comes to the discussion about Sex Education, we cannot think about it without the leading characters. But there is a possibility that Sex Education Season 4 will be the last installment of this series. At least it will be the last one where we will be seeing our favorite characters. Nobody can escape from the grasp of time. So, the characters are inevitably getting old to play the roles of teenagers. When we first saw them portraying their characters, they all were in their early or mid-twenties. In the past 4 years, they all have grown up and some characters will be entering their thirties within 2 or 3 years. So, naturally, the creators of the show either have to end the story with Sex Education Season 4 or they will have to give the new generation the stage to tell the story of Moordale High School.

The actress of Aimee Gibbs, Aimee Lou Wood has mentioned that they have to end the show as soon as possible as she is entering her 30s soon. She can be a university-goer but she is not interested in playing a teenage fresher when she is 35. “I really think that they should stop now,” she concluded.

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