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Selena Gomez HIDING Her RELATIONSHIP with Chris Evans and Here’s Why

Selena Gomez has always managed to remain in rumours especially when it comes to her dating life. We all are well aware of her past relationship with the singer Justin Bieber and how it had been a roller coaster ride for both the singers. After ending their relationship in 2018 for the final time, Justin got married to Hailey Baldwin, a model in a private ceremony. As for Selena, there were no such new names that she was linked to. However, a few months back she was linked with Aaron Dominguez. The two starred in Only Murders in the Building and this rumour got ignited when some pics of the two huggings were leaked from the sets of Only Murders in the Building. However, Selena denied all the rumours and all the speculations came to an end when she said in an interview with Los Angeles Times that she is grateful that she is not involved with anyone right now as she thinks that guys just want to date her because she is young.

Chris Evans who has always been a heartthrob is often seen linked to one actress or the other. However, the actor has dated Kate Bosworth and Dianna Agron. He also had a long term relationship with Jessica Biel. He was also in a two-year-long relationship with his “gifted” co-star Jenny Slate. The two after being in an on and off relationship finally called it quits in 2018.

Why Did The Rumours Of Chris And Selena Suddenly Start Igniting?

Well, the rumours of the two datings suddenly began when the captain America actor started following the singer on Instagram. Selena became one of the 185 people that the actor follows on his Instagram handle. Soon after, Selena was seen following the actor back. The rumours and speculation took a heated turn when recently Selena was spotted wearing a white oversized sweater while she gave her appearance on Taylor’s TikTok which was soon linked to Chris as he was spotted wearing a similar sweater on knives out. Even though the sweaters are not identical, but this led to fans thinking that this might lead to an indirect hint about them sharing clothes.

Earlier, in 2005 Selena even said that she found the actor cute and had a crush on him. Recently there were rumours that the duo came out of the same restaurant and a recording studio on the same day. However, this rumour was cleared by ELLE when they researched and found the pictures to be old and of different years. All this has led to fans shipping them together and thinking that this might be the next IT couple.


Neither of them has given their statement on such an ignited rumour and have decided to remain quiet on the same. Even though they have not been spotted together, but these certain turn of events and sudden following on Instagram handles have led to the theory that the two might be dating and have chosen to hide their relationship. The reason for the same can be Selena’s past experience of bringing her personal life in front of the public and this could have led to the duo keeping it private. However, there is no confirmation on the same and we hope that the CHELENA fans get what they are shipping for.