See Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke REPLACE Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman 2 in Stunning Fan Art

We are here to put attention to the surfacing news on the internet which is running around as Emilia Clarke is the favorite to play the role of Mera in Aquaman 2. DC’s biggest project is on its way as the sequel of Aquaman has been the most awaited one for the fans and it may arrive sooner than everyone expects. Mentioning the part where the audience has shared their thoughts on what changes they would love to see in the upcoming project whereas one of them involves the changes in the cast.

The audience has been asking the creators to replace Amber Heard with Emilia Clarke and especially after the time that Johnny Depp lost his role in his major upcoming projects but Amber Heard did not. The fans have also mentioned that they would love to see Emilia Clarke in this role as she has also been the fan-favorite to play the role of Mera in Aquaman 2.

Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner are the fan-favorite to play the role of Mera

Both Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner have been a part of the big titles but is originally known as the lead from the famous show Game of Thrones and though the audience was very much impressed with the performance she gave on the show and now everyone is expecting the personality to come forward in Aquaman 2.

There is currently a trend going on over making petitions at the time from the audience and it has been done exactly the same once again whereas to mention that the big petition has been brought upon to capture the attention of everyone that Amber Heard should be replaced from her role.

The big problem for Amber Heard only came through because of the lawsuit that has been currently getting investigated between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Moreover to mention that everyone would love to see the change in the project as this is what everyone has been hoping for.

Emilia Clarke is also a good friend of Jason Momoa and so it also means that their chemistry would totally match in the movie and it does not sound like a bad idea at all as it has gained over a number of signatures on the petition too.


The fan art of Emilia Clarke as Mera in Aquaman was also revealed on the internet and everyone has been loving the sight or glimpse of the actress in the role thus saying that the fans are trying their best to bring the actress over for the role.

Huge discussions are currently being put through stating that either Sophie Turner or Emilia Clarke should play the role of Mera. This is what everyone wants to see in Aquaman 2 and it is yet to see what the creators of the show may decide.

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