Secret Class Chapter 165 Release Date and Where to Read

Fans of the popular Korean manhwa series, Secret Class, have been eagerly awaiting the release of chapter 165. The official release date revealed as March 3, 2023, signals the end of the wait. The release date, internet reading options, and what to expect from the next chapter will all be discussed in detail.

Secret Class Chapter 165 Release Date

As mentioned, the official release date for Secret Class Chapter 165 is March 3, 2023. It will be available as expected at 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 11:00 AM Central Daylight Time, and 5:00 PM British Summer Time. Consider that your location may affect the release date, so if you reside elsewhere, be sure to verify the time zone difference.

Secret Class Chapter 165 Raw Scan Release Date

For those who can’t wait until March 3rd, the raw scan of Secret Class Chapter 165 is typically released 2-3 days prior to the official release date. Fans can find the raw scan on Internet communities such as 4chan and Reddit. However, keep in mind that these raw scans may be incomplete or contain errors, as they are unofficial translations.

Secret Class Chapter 165 About Secret Class

If you’ve never heard of Secret Class, it’s a Korean manhwa series that tells the tale of a high school student who learns about his beautiful teacher’s hidden life. The romance comedy series has amassed a sizable fan base thanks to its distinct plot, well-developed characters, and humor. With each chapter, the story gets more intriguing, leaving readers wanting more.

Secret Class Chapter 164 Recap

In the previous chapter, Dae-Ho acted out Yu-Hee’s request of watching him in the open. Yu-Hee was forced to observe him in a remote location on the beach, but she wanted to stay with him for much longer because they hadn’t been intimate in over a year. While Dae-Ho and Joo-Ri enjoyed themselves, Go-Bang was on his way to meet them after getting the supplies they needed. However, he took a detour to help a crying girl, causing him to arrive later than expected.

Secret Class Chapter 165 Expectations

With chapter 165 set to release, fans are eagerly awaiting what will happen next in the story. In the upcoming chapter, Yu-Hee will finally join in on the action and won’t be content just watching anymore. Meanwhile, Joo-Ri won’t protest since she’s had her share of Dae-Ho and won’t worry about it anymore. This isn’t the first time she’s shared Dae-Ho, as she’s done so in the past with Mia. Speaking of Mia, she’s currently frustrated since Dae-Ho isn’t giving her as much attention as he used to. In addition, fans will finally get to see Go-Bang meet up with everyone and deliver the supplies they need. However, he may arrive later than expected since he took a detour to help someone in need.

Where to Read Secret Class Chapter 165 Online

For those who are wondering where to read Secret Class Chapter 165, it will be available to read online on the streaming platform TopToon. TopToon is a popular platform that allows readers to access a variety of manhwa series from different genres, including romance, comedy, and action.


Secret Class Chapter 165 is a significant episode in the series that advances the story in intriguing ways. It reveals some critical information about the relationship between Mr. Oh and Miss Jung and adds more depth to their characters. The chapter also highlights the theme of secrecy and the consequences of keeping secrets, as demonstrated by the characters’ actions. Additionally, the artwork and storytelling in Secret Class Chapter 165 are impressive and engaging, keeping readers invested in the story. The cliffhanger ending leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter to see how the situation will be resolved. Overall, Secret Class is a well-crafted series that explores mature themes while providing entertaining and compelling storytelling. Chapter 165 is an excellent example of the series’ strengths and leaves readers excited for what is to come.


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