Schitts Creek Season 7 Release Date: Is it Renewed or Ended?

Schitt’s Creek has been the show which earned the hearts of many people through the sweetness, humor, and love shown throughout the series. It released 6 amazing seasons for the fans and the fans were crazy about the show and were wanting Schitts Creek Season 7.

But sadly, the show has been brought to an end with the Six entertaining seasons and bid its final goodbye to the fans and audience on 7th April 2020 with the episode named ‘Happy Ending’. It was the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of Schitt’s Creek.

The director Dan Levy and Eugene Levy created the show and structured it in a way that the audience became very much invested in show. Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian Drama Series whose first episode aired in Canada on the CBC network on 13th January 2015. And then, Pop TV also broadcasted the series to the United States audience.

Schitts Creek Season 7

Plot Summary of Schitt’s Creek

The story follows a hefty rich family and the members of the family are Johnny and Moira Rose who are husband and wife and, their kids David and Alexis. The family is nouveau riche. The wealth of the family is because of Johnny’s video store empire, which is the second-largest video store empire in North America.

The wealth allowed Moira to put her career as a daytime soap-opera actress behind her because she doesn’t need to work with that much wealth and richness. The family has always seen a garish and panache life. The children of Johnny and Moira, who are adults now, are spoiled and have always got what they wanted on a silver plate since they were born and they do not have to work either, nor have they known to.

But one day, their lives change out of nowhere because of the circumstances when they become broke. All their wealth goes away except for the one property they own because Johnny bought it for his son as a joke: Schitt’s Creek, which is a small backwater town.

The family has no option but to move there and live there. They initially live at the Schitt’s Creek Motel. The Schitts are the founding family of the town and they have massive control over the town in their own, seemingly unsophisticated ways.

The Rose family attempts several things for finding a path back to their previous life. But meanwhile, they have to try and adjust to the life they have got stuck in, in their new home, which is fully outside their comfort zone and sensibilities.

Cast and Characters of Schitt’s Creek

The cast and the roles they played throughout the show were appreciated and admired by the audience. The makers of the show, Daniel and Eugene Levy have themselves played the main roles in the series. The cast of Schitt’s Creek is mentioned below:

  • Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose
  • Daniel Levy as David Rose
  • Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose
  • Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose
  • Chris Elliott as Roland Schitt
  • Jennifer Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt
  • Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd
  • Dustin Milligan as Ted Mullens
  • Noah Reid as Patrick Brewer
  • Sarah Levy as Twyla Sands
  • Tim Rozon as Mutt Schitt
  • John Hemphill as Bob Currie
  • Karen Robinson as Ronnie Lee
  • Rizwan Manji as Ray Butani
  • Robin Duke as Wendy Kurtz

Schitts Creek Season 7: Why did the show End?

The series was loved throughout all six seasons. The sixth season of the comedy-drama show aired on CBC in Canada on 7th January 2020 and was run for straight four months until 7th April 2020, when the Series finale aired.

As the series was approved for the fifth and sixth seasons, the creators had started to organize the finale of the drama. The director revealed that he was aiming to end the show and story competently by dividing the story into two parts which indirectly indicated that there would not be a Schitts Creek Season 7.

The decision to terminate the series when it was at the top of demand was officiated and confirmed by the whole crew of the show. Levy in a conversation with Variety mentioned:

“I at no point wanted to compromise on quality or storytelling. It just didn’t feel like it was worth the risk to take it any further. The goal was at the end of this show, this family will realize the value of love. Money can temporarily bandage a lot of things. But they would never be able to buy the kind of closeness that they have by the end of the series.”

The director completed his objective of the show and did not want to elongate or exaggerate it further because he didn’t want the fans’ love for the show to vanish. That is why the show ended and we wouldn’t get a Schitts Creek Season 7. But we could never forget what the show became for us.

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