Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 4; Who Will Be Hosting It?


Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 4 presents a previous SNL celebrity coming back to the show. But for this time around, he’ll not just reunite with his peers but will also co-host the show as a guest. The person who’s joining him has made numerous masterpieces which nominated him for Grammy award multiple times and is here now to showcase her latest creations from her recent collection. Other than that, not so long ago we had the star figure from Bohemian Rhapsody and No Time to Die, winner of Academy Award, Rami Malek in the show carrying out his role as a host accompanied by musical partners “Young Thugs” who came for his performance from his recent album Punk.

One of these nights, Rami Malek went on for a competition with Bowen Yang at Bug Assembly at School. Then he went for the audition of his upcoming musical biopic just after Bohemian Rhapsody, but the role got stolen by Daniel Craig. After that, he went for imitating his proxy at Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson at the competition in school, and at last fought with Aidy Bryant, like his wife during the time they were shopping for the best mattress.

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 3 Recap

Earlier on Saturday Night Live Season 47, the Cold Open presented the NFL Press Meeting. They talked about allegations of racism, insecurity, and homophobia on one of the coaches. From coaches to cheerleaders, everybody had something they wanted to say. Going through the opening monologue of Rami Malek, discussing his trait of choosing an exquisite character for his background.
Next, we saw a game named Celeb School where the Crews of SNL imitated the guest celebrities of the event and the show got more exciting when the Young Thug did their performance “Tick Tock” accompanied by Travis Barker on drums.

Release Date And Spoilers For Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 4

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 4 is scheduled to get aired on 23rd October this year. As far as the sources tell us, there’s the news that multiple times winner of the Emmy Award and previous SNL scripter Jason Sudeikis is getting a comeback debut in the event. He’ll be the host of the Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 4 and he’ll be joined by Brandi Carlie, A Grammy Award-nominated musician, as the musical guest. Her latest album In These Silent Days got released not so long ago. So, she might end up performing some handpicked songs from her album live.

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When And Where To Watch?

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 4 is gonna broadcast on NBC a 10 PM EST, as far as it’s predicted, there may be 16 more episodes planned for this ongoing season before it gets wrapped up completely. So as the name says, the new episodes will be aired every Saturday on weekly basis. You can always watch SNL Season 47 Episode 4 on online streaming platforms like Hulu just sometime after the live broadcast and if you got a subscription on any of the following Streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, YouTube TV, you van rest or buy the show anytime and anywhere you want.

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