Samurai Jack Season 6 Release Date and Renewal Updates; Is it Canceled?

There is a lot of discussions on Samurai Jack Season 6 due to the big hype it has created over from the previous seasons. It’s no doubt been a long time since we saw last of the Samurai Jack on the screens but it has already been creating a lot of buzz at the time and the rumors are currently stating that the show will be back for another season.

The animated show has been produced by Cartoon Network and has been written in an amazing manner. Samurai Jack first aired on Adult Swim back in 2001. The show recieved over huge attention from the viewers and it was no time when the fans started asking for more story content. The story which was delivered on the show was found amazing by the fans and thus it also went on to secure a total of 8.5 out of 10 on the IMDb rating and though the show has grown with a total of five seasons till now and the fans are currently focusing on Samurai Jack Season 6 and as there has been rumors about the upcoming new season of the show.

Samurai Jack Season 6

Renewal Updates of another season of the series

Despite of the part that the show recieved a lot of popularity with the first five seasons of the show and the audience have eagerly been waiting for Samurai Jack Season 6. Adult Swim has come forward to make it official that the show is now cancelled and that basically means there won’t be a Samurai Jack Season 6 which was holding the big hype and that the fifth season was now made to be the finale one.

Though to mention that the viewers did not expect this and everyone thought were highly convinced that the show will return for another season at this time. The sources reported that the sixth season was already not in plans for Adult Swim and the company was figuring out on this part to whether they should make a go on the new season or they should cancel it whereas it would be preferred as the right thing for the show.

The fans on the other hand have not been losing their hopes as there was a leak from the Adult Swim that the company has other plans with the title and the fans are predicting that this basically means that there might be a some kind of spin-off title in the development but nothing has been confirmed by the authorities at this time.

The audience is supporting the idea and they think that if the spin-off title goes on to happen then it will certainly be the right choice due to the part that it will serve a totally different look than what the fans are now looking for.

It’s no doubt that an interesting story was played through in all the seasons of the show and such as the first season started off with Samurai Jack started off with a epic fight which was portrayed between a warrior prince and the ancient evil and thus the fight also stood out to be the most talked one.

Samurai Jack Season 6 is cancelled officially by Adult Swim

The rest four seasons of the show were also found to be impressive by the audience and as Jack tried his best to figure out the new latest regime of the world and which in generally under the rule of the thing that he is wanting to destroy at the time as he also comes on face to face with other the mythical creatures and that was interesting to see how the story led forward ever since.

The fifth season of the show was released back in May of 2017 and that it has been considered over as the finale one and now especially when Samurai Jack Season 6 has been cancelled by the authorities. It will be interesting to see what other plans have been kept reserved at the time for the future of the title and as everyone has been eagerly waiting for something from the title to release at this time and which will no doubt be big.

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