Samsung x AMD New Exynos 2200 Destroys The Competition By Defeating Apples A14 Bionic Chipset

Samsung said earlier this year that a top Exynos processor with AMD’s Radeon GPU would be available shortly. While the business hasn’t said how much of a performance boost we can expect from the new chipset, it’s been speculated that it could outperform Apple’s most recent processor, the A14 Bionic. The first true AMD GPU benchmark has now surfaced on the internet.

Samsung’s attempts to develop their own chipsets have been a mixed bag. For a moment, it appeared like they were on a level with Qualcomm, but then they began to slip behind, but now they’re back, and it appears that they’re back in a bigger and better way.

Have you been a member of the Exynos haters due to its poor gaming performance? Samsung has taken the input to heart and is now collaborating with AMD to create a bespoke GPU for their next flagship Exynos processor. AMD will deliver a high-end GPU experience for Exynos-powered smartphones as part of the cooperation, which was announced at Computex 2021. Also read – The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G could have a Snapdragon 778G SoC, a triple camera of 64 megapixels, and more.

Advanced technologies such as ray tracing and variable rate shading will be included in the new RDNA2 GPU, resulting in greater resolution graphics and improved power efficiency. RDNA2 graphics, AMD’s most recent, are found in AMD’s 6000 series graphics cards, as well as the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The South Korean tech company is reportedly testing an Exynos chipset with a Radeon GPU and Cortex A77 CPU cores, according to a tweet from a well-known source IceUniverse. The tipster submitted a screenshot of the 3DMark graphics benchmarking program, in which an Exynos processor with AMD GPU scored 8,134 points in the Wild Life test with an average frame rate of 50 frames per second. This result outperforms the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which had an Apple A14 Bionic CPU and scored roughly 7,442 points with a frame rate of 40 frames per second.

According to IceUniverse, Samsung will release three new chipsets this year. Two of the three CPUs, according to the source, will be high-end chips based on AMD’s RDNA architecture.

The Samsung Exynos 2200 will succeed the Exynos 2100, which was released earlier this year. Other processors, such as the Samsung Exynos 1200 series and the Samsung Exynos 800 series, will be released this year. According to GSMArena, Samsung will demonstrate the GPU in June 2021, with an official announcement to follow. According to the source, the first phones with AMD GPUs will not be available until next year. There is currently no set timeline for this.

According to ZDNet Korea, Samsung is also working on a Windows laptop. This laptop will be powered by the flagship 2200 CPU, which will be released in Q3 – after the introduction of the rumored Galaxy Note 21 series. The successor of the Exynos 850 SoC is likely to be the third midrange chipset in the 800 series.

At the time, complex features like ray tracing and variable rate shading aren’t used in many mobile games. Samsung, on the other hand, may collaborate with gaming developers to develop unique titles that take advantage of the Exynos platform’s advantages. Samsung had previously reserved Fortnite’s Android rollout for its Galaxy handsets for a month before making it available to other devices. The RX 6000M series from AMD also includes a couple of new graphics cards for mobile platforms.


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