Runoko Rashidi Cause of Death: How the World Lost a Renowned Historian and Pan-Africanist

Runoko Rashidi was a historian, essayist, author and public lecturer who dedicated his life to the study and promotion of the global African presence. He was the author or editor of 22 books, including The African Presence in Early Asia, Black Star: The African Presence in Early Europe and The Black Image in Antiquity. He was also a prolific traveler and researcher who visited 124 countries and lectured in 67 of them. He was a disciple and collaborator of some of the most distinguished scholars of African history, such as Ivan Van Sertima, John Henrik Clarke, Asa G. Hilliard and Yosef ben-Jochannan. He was widely respected and admired by his peers, students and followers for his passion, knowledge and commitment to the uplift of African people.

How did Runoko Rashidi die?

On August 2, 2021, the world received the shocking and sad news that Runoko Rashidi had passed away at the age of 66. He was on a tour of Egypt, one of his favorite destinations and a source of inspiration for his work. The exact cause of death has not been officially confirmed by his family or associates, but some reports suggest that he died in his sleep. His death was announced by several social media users who posted tributes and condolences to the scholar. Many expressed their grief and disbelief that he was no longer with us.

What was Runoko Rashidi’s legacy?

Runoko Rashidi’s legacy is immense and invaluable. He was one of the leading authorities on the African presence in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, as well as the African origins of humanity and civilization. He challenged the Eurocentric narratives that marginalized and distorted the contributions of African people to world history and culture. He documented and showcased the diversity and beauty of the African diaspora in various regions and epochs. He inspired and educated generations of Africans at home and abroad to reclaim their heritage and identity. He was a tireless advocate for pan-Africanism, solidarity and liberation.

Runoko Rashidi’s work will continue to live on through his books, articles, lectures, videos, interviews and tours. His website, The Global African Presence, contains a wealth of information and resources on his research and activities. His books are available from various publishers and online platforms. His lectures can be accessed on YouTube and other media outlets. His tours can be followed through his Facebook page or his Instagram account. His spirit will remain in our hearts forever.

Runoko Rashidi was a giant in pan-African scholarship and a pharaoh of black history. He left behind a rich legacy that we must cherish, honor and continue. He also left behind a big void that we must fill with our own efforts to learn, teach and celebrate our African heritage. As he often said, “We are an African people”. May he rest in power and peace.

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