Robert Pattinson vs Ben Affleck – Whom Will WB Choose as Batman for Future DCEU Projects?

On 4th March 2022, WB and DCEU released The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. The film is good as they create a whole new story of Batman. Ben Affleck is one of the greatest actors in the world he also played Batman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, etc. He was last seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. As they are both at their best level of Batman. But a question always arises Robert Pattinson’s Batman or Ben Affleck’s Batman who will WB choose as Batman for future projects of DCEU.

As Robert Pattinson’s Batman is just released and according to rumors he is working on The Batman 2 also. Whereas Ben Affleck is confirmed that he will be in the Flash movie which will release in 2023. As both are working on some DCEU project so it is hard to tell who will WB choose as Batman.

Is Flash movie is the last appearance of Ben Affleck’s Batman?

Ben Affleck confirmed that he will be in the Flash movie which will be released in 2023 and he told in an interview that he “put a really nice finish on my experience with that character”. So the Flash movie is going to end the era of Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Will Robert Pattinson’s Batman is the next leading Batman

As Robert Pattinson’s Batman is the new Batman and he has to do a long journey with the Batman franchise. DC and WB have already the concept of a Multiverse. So, they can create a new Justice League including Robert Pattinson’s Batman and many more members. As WB and DCEU will choose Robert Pattinson’s Batman for future projects.

Everything to know about Batman

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes. Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. His father and his mother were murdered by Joe Chill in the comics. Batman has his most efficient and caring Buttler named Alfred. Bruce Wayne is a genius and billionaire. He became Batman and stopped the crime in Gotham City. Batman is also an important member of the Justice League also.

Who is a better Batman, Ben Affleck or Robert Pattinson?

It is very difficult to tell that who is better as they are both at their own best. Ben Affleck’s Batman got the experience of fighting with Aliens and worked with Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc. Whereas Robert Pattinson’s Batman is just new, he is just starting his work as Batman and he fought with Riddler and saved the Gotham City. The suit of Ben Affleck’s Batman is quite greyish on his body side which he wore most of the time and he wore a different suit in the Dawn of Justice to fight against Superman. But the suit of Robert Pattinson’s Batman is different it is full black and got an armor feeling on his suit. But if you say who is better Bruce Wayne that’s Ben Affleck’s Batman and the better detective that’s Pattinson’s Batman as he solves many riddles of Riddler.

Whether WB and DCEU choose Batman for their future projects the fans want to see both Batman in their respective manner. Batman is a character that fans love a lot as he has his own industries, vehicles, etc. Fans will get happy as they see both Batman will work for DCEU and WB.


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