Roach from Friday Cause of Death: The Tragic Story of Justin Pierce

Who was Justin Pierce?

Justin Pierce was a British-born American actor and skateboarder who rose to fame for his roles as Casper in the 1995 film Kids and Roach in the 2000 film Next Friday. He was also a member of the original Zoo York skateboard team and the Supreme Crew, a group of skaters and friends who frequented the Supreme store in New York City. Pierce had a rebellious and adventurous personality, but also struggled with depression and drug addiction throughout his life.

How did he die?

On July 10, 2000, Pierce was found hanging in his room at the Bellagio Hotel in Paradise, Nevada by hotel security. His death was ruled as a suicide by the coroner. He was 25 years old at the time of his death. He left behind two suicide notes, which have not been made public. He also left behind his wife Gina Rizzo, whom he married in Las Vegas in July 1999, and his mother and brother, who lived in England.

What led to his suicide?

Pierce’s suicide was a shock to many of his friends and fans, who remembered him as a talented and charismatic person. However, Pierce had a troubled childhood and a history of mental health issues and substance abuse. According to Wikipedia, Pierce was born in London to a Welsh mother and an Australian father, who never knew about his existence. He moved to New York City with his mother when he was five years old, and grew up in a poor and violent neighborhood. He started stealing cigarettes and food, and skipped school to skateboard. He dropped out of school and moved out of his mother’s house when he was 15 years old. He was arrested several times for possession of marijuana and heroin.

Pierce’s acting career began when he was discovered by director Larry Clark while skateboarding in Washington Square Park. Clark cast him as Casper, a profane and drug-addicted skateboarder friend of the main character Telly, in his controversial film Kids. The film was a critical and commercial success, and Pierce won an Independent Spirit Award for his performance. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue more acting opportunities, and appeared in several films and TV movies, such as A Brother’s Kiss, First Time Felon, and Next Friday. In Next Friday, he played Roach, a young Caucasian man working at a record shop who befriends Craig (Ice Cube) and Day-Day (Mike Epps). He also bonded with Chico, the dog of the antagonists, the Joker brothers.

However, Pierce’s fame and fortune did not bring him happiness or stability. He continued to battle depression and drug addiction, and attempted suicide several times before succeeding in taking his own life. According to Friday Wiki, Pierce’s character Roach was originally planned to reprise his appearance in the third installment of the Friday series, Friday After Next (2002), but his death led to his character being written out of the film.

How is he remembered?

Pierce’s death was mourned by many of his friends, family, fans, and colleagues. A Catholic memorial service for Pierce was held at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Manhattan on July 15, 200. He is buried in Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Valhalla, New York. His last film appearance was in the 2002 film Looking for Leonard, which was released after his death and dedicated to his memory.

Pierce’s legacy lives on through his films, especially Kids and Next Friday, which have become cult classics among many young people. His skateboarding skills and style are also admired by many skaters around the world. His image has been featured on clothing lines and publications by Supreme, a brand that he endorsed and supported during his lifetime. His life story has also inspired some documentaries and books, such as Kids: A History (2016) by Hamilton Harris, one of his co-stars in Kids.

Pierce’s tragic death is a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support for people who are suffering from depression and addiction. His life also shows that fame and success are not always enough to fill the void that some people feel inside. Pierce was a talented and charismatic person who had a lot of potential, but he also had a lot of pain that he could not overcome. He will always be remembered as Roach from Friday cause of death, but also as Justin Pierce, a human being who deserved better.

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