Riverdale Season 6 Episode 12 Air Date and Where to Watch it

Have you guys watched Riverdale season 6 episode 11? Not yet, Why? You surely missed something amazing. Yes? So that’s what the fans do. They keep on waiting and view it the very next minute it is available. Trust me, Riverdale season 6 Episode 11 was tremendous. Riverdale is a teen drama television series based on one of the characters of Archie Comic. The first episode of the Riverdale season 6 was on air on November 16, 2021. We have seen Season 6 episode 11 recently on April 24, 2022. And now Riverdale Season 6 Episode 12 is going to be released soon. So let’s have a look at what the next episode coming with. Surely it will be back with more mystery and drama. Riverdale is always been loved by the people.

What happened in the Riverdale season 6 episode 11?

Riverdale season 6 episode 11 is one of the episodes for which fans were waiting eagerly. Episode 11 “Angels in America” was directed by Claudia Yarmy and written by Evan Kyle. In the last episode, it was seen that A man entered from the door where Tabitha was having dinner and shoots her, being triggered by the man, she jump through the time arriving in 1944 as Teresa Tate. Percival’s 1944 equivalent attempts to arrest Teresa after she was found harboring a young family in Pop’s. Teresa showcased Percival in her real form, which causes his eyes to bleed and bones to break. Later, Percival came back to the dinner and again shoots Teresa, this time she triggered into 1968. Tabitha assumed the Tina Tate, she tried to save Martin Luther King from killing, but her attempt was unsuccessful. An angel advised her to stop Percival on this timeline. When it was revealed that the king has been murdered, then a group of people was mourning for Pop and Percival tried to arrest the group for supporting the riots. Percival left a bomb in Pop’s kitchen, after being fired by Tina. Tabitha was assumed to be Tessa Tate when she jumped into 1999. Her angel was aware of her finding a lucky charm to use against Percival in the present. Tessa finds her talisman in the holy grail, warding off Percival in 1999, and returning to the present. Tabitha realizes she is Chrono kinetic and can stop her initial attacker in the present. She meets with Jughead, Cheryl, Betty, and Archie to reveal that they must fight at all costs to stop Percival from destroying Riverdale, a future event that she says is arriving soon.

When will the upcoming episode be released?

After viewing Riverdale season 6 Episode 11, fans become more eager about what will happen next in the series. Riverdale Season 6 Episode 12 is directed by Jeff Woolnough and written by Chrissy Maroon. As announced the Episode will be officially aired on May 1, 2022. Episode 12 of season 6 of Riverdale is titled “In The Fog” and is expected to be back with more drama and suspense. It is the second last episode of the series producer would try to answer most of the questions of the fans. The producer would not leave us in suspense and will give a blockbuster end to the series.


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