Rick Evers Cause of Death: A Tragic End to a Troubled Life

Rick Evers was a songwriter and the late husband of Carole King Klein, born Carol Joan Klein. He was born on January 6, 1947, in Preston, Franklin County, Idaho, USA . His full name is reportedly Richard Edward Morrison Evers. His parents Dorothy Nettie (nee Hoff) Ingelstrom and Harold Hal J. Olsen married in Reno, Nevada. Evers was adopted by Luey (nee Morrison), a nurse, and Francis Frank William Evers. His adoptive parents divorced when he was 7 years old. His adoptive father had years of military service and was married four times.

 Early Life and Career

Evers’ childhood experiences have not been made public. However, it is said that he has been arrested and jailed before. He was imprisoned for forgery . He began a career as an artist, working in hand-tooled leather. He became a songwriter and co-wrote songs with Carole King. He also played guitar .

 Rick Evers & Carole King’s Marriage

Rick Evers was married to Carole King. They got married on August 24, 1977. They were married until they got separated and Rick died in 1978 . Rick is the third husband of Carole. During their marriage, Rick was abusive toward his wife Carole. According to Carole King’s 2012 memoir, she suffered physical abuse from Rick Evers regularly . Before Rick’s death, he had an altercation with Carole and per reports, he tried to throw Carole through a large glass window. Carole King’s friends had to put her on a flight to Hawaii to get her away and Rick headed to Los Angeles. 

 Rick Evers Cause of Death

Rick Evers passed away on March 1978 in Los Angeles County, California, USA . He was 31 years old when he died. He died of a drug overdose variously described as being from heroin or cocaine or a mixture of drugs . His death came days after he and his wife Carole King separated .


Rick Evers’ life was marked by tragedy. He was involved in domestic violence with his wife Carole King and died at a young age due to drug overdose. 


Rick Evers’ death was a great loss to his family, friends, and fans who remembered him as a talented songwriter and guitarist who co-wrote songs with Carole King. His legacy will always be remembered as one that is marked by tragedy.

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