Resident Evil 9 Release Date CONFIRMED by Capcom, Production and Story Details

The Resident Evil video game series gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. The video game lovers are now waiting for the next installment of the game series. There is some update about the release date from Capcom regarding the release date. Let’s read more about Resident Evil 9 in this article. 

The next installment of the Resident Evil series is going to be Resident Evil 9. The work on the new series started in 2018 and is still under development. The release date of the new game is not yet confirmed but some insiders reveal that it may be somewhere around the end of next year or in 2024. Capcom has not even made any official announcement regarding the development of the upcoming part. However, some sources claim that the game is under development. It is also being rumored that the game was in development even before the release of Resident Evil: Village. We can say that the video game series can be released by 2024 as it has been in development for a long time. Resident Evil fans are waiting for an official announcement by Capcom. It is expected that an official announcement of Resident Evil 9 is on its way and can be done anytime soon. The Resident Evil 9 is expected to be in development for a long period of time and there is also no official trailer or teaser released. It is expected that there will be a teaser released a few months before the release of the game. The RE 9 is going to be in development for the longest time in the history of the Resident Evil franchise. Well, this also hints that the upcoming video game would be the best among all the other releases from the Resident Evil franchise. 

Several reports claim that 4- Chris, Claire, Leon, and Jill will be a part of the game. There will be an ending of Resident Evil: Village in Resident Evil 9. Also, the original cast stories will witness closure. It is also expected that Rose will play the protagonist in the upcoming series. Duke will be a crucial character in the series and will be working with Rose. In previous chapters, we saw a mysterious organization named The Connections. In the new chapter, it is expected that details about this organization will be revealed. In Resident Evil 9 we will see Rose, Chris Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ethan Winters, and Ada Wong. Some new characters are also expected to be a part of this game specifically as Capcom never fails to surprise its fans. 

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There has been no official announcement regarding the game. It is also being said that Resident Evil 9 is going to be the last chapter of the trilogy. The previous two chapters were named Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Resident Evil 8: Village. The new chapter is expected to be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Nintendo Switch can also have its own version of the game. Also, the game will be available on Microsoft Windows PC. However, we need to wait for an official announcement.


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