Reflection of You Episode 3: Air Date Of Next Episode Of The K-Drama

Just 2 episodes are broadcasted thus far of the South Korean drama Reflection Of You, and people are anticipating what will unfold in episode three of the show. Besides its great cast, the show’s intriguing narrative has piqued the interest of viewers. The show is centered on the book Someone Who Looks Like You and is helmed by Lim Hyeon-Wook.

Reflection of You Episode 3 will return, detailing what truly occurred between 2 friends. What happened to Woo-Jae and Hee-Joo? Furthermore, why is Hae-Won attempting to meddle in Hee-Joo’s life? The solutions will be revealed in the next segment. Let’s get into more depth regarding the third episode of the show.

The plot revolves around two ladies who play vital roles in one another’s lives. It depicts love, friendship, and treachery, as well as how those events impacted the lives of these 2 women. Jung Hee-Joo is a well-known Korean artist and writer. In her career path, she is extremely popular and successful. She had no life or personality before this. She discovered her interest while attempting to construct her own universe. Hee-Joo’s upbringing was spent in hardship, yet she wedded into a household of enormous wealth. Goo Hae-won, the other lady, is an art professor who does not have that sort of money but nevertheless spends her life on her own terms.   They both have backstories that are intertwined in their lives. Episode 3 will disclose numerous previous secrets, which will have an influence on the individual’s current position.

Reflection of You: Story so far.

Before we get started on the Reflection of You Episode 3 release date, let’s do a brief review. Hui-Ju is immersed in meditation in her workshop in Episode 2 of Reflection of You. She is worried about Hae-Won’s coming. She is aware there is far more to life than everything she is now aware of. On the other hand, Hyeong-Seong learned that the unresponsive person’s name was Woo-Jae. Moreover, he appears to be connected to Hae-Won. Then a snapshot of Hae-Won, Woo-Jae, and Hui-Ju during their days at school surfaced. The household is awakened in the middle of the night by blaring sounds of music emanating from Li-sa’s room.

The episode’s conclusion exposes some of Hae-Won, Woo-Jae, and Hui-schoolday Ju’s storylines. Since then, it appears that the couple has indeed been keeping information from one another. They went to the very same design school. In addition, Hae-Won and Hui-Ju were close pals. Woo-Jae and Hui-Ju, in reality, we’re both in love as they held hands behind while their group photo was being clicked. Woo-Jae has also returned to Korea.

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Reflection of You Episode 3: Release Date

Reflection of You Episode 3 will premiere on the original tv network on October 20, 2021, at 22:30 KST. As a result, there is only one day till the publication of the third episode of the show. It will be broadcast on Wednesday. The fourth episode of the program will also be broadcast on Wednesday.

Where to watch Reflection of You Episode 3?

Reflection of You Episode 3 will be accessible to view online on Netflix in addition to its native channel, JTBC. As a result, somebody can join Netflix and view it on the streamer.

Reflection of You Episode 3: Expected Plot 

Episode 2’s ending left us with a lot of unanswered questions. The conclusion makes it clear that Seo Woo-Jae, Hae-won’s spouse, has some sort of relationship with Hee-Joo, which would be addressed in subsequent episodes. Furthermore, it isn’t just about Woo-Jae and Hee-Joo. Ahn Hyeon-Seong and Hae-won appear to have a history as well. These 4 persons are intertwined in each other’s lives in some way. Meanwhile, Hae-won continues to appear in front of Hee-Joo, and we will have a peek at their former lives to understand why they have become so estranged and they previously used to complement one another. It’s only the beginning of the narrative, and there will be plenty more installments.

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