Record of Ragnarok Chapter 56: Release Date and Discussion

Record of Ragnarok manga series is now heading towards its 56th chapter. The story is month by month turning into a new side. The twist and turns just shape the story right. A few days back we read the 55th chapter of the manga tale. And now, we are waiting to see what happens next in the adventurous story journey? Stay tuned along with us to know all about Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 56.

When Will Record of Ragnarok Chapter 56 Release?

The epic blockbuster manga tale, Record of Ragnarok Manga always launches out its chapters on the 25th day of every month. Chapter 55 of the blockbuster manga was rolled out last month, on 25th October. We were hearing that the next chapter of the manga might get delayed or pushed back. But fortunately, all of it just happens to be a rumor. Chapter 56 is all set to roll out in its scheduled date and time.

Thus according to our sources, Rage of Ragnarok chapter 56 is all ready and set to release out this month, on November 25, 2021, sharp at 12:00 AM (JST). The chapter title is not yet known to us, but we are hoping it will soon get released. Well, the English translated version of the chapter will roll out after 25th November, probably after 3-5 days from the actual release date. The timings of the manga will obviously differ according to your time zone:

  • For the Pacific Time zone, the chapter will be out, at 9 AM on Thursday morning.
  • For Central Time zone areas, the timings are set to be 11 AM.
  • Next for the Eastern Time zone, the chapter will be out sharp at 12 noon.
  • Well, last but not the least, according to the British Time zone, the chapter is set to roll out in the evening at 5 PM.

Can You Read Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 56 Online?

Well, many of the manga fans out there, were asking us, whether we can read the manga online or not. Unfortunately, you can’t, so far there is no official site, which provides you with the online version of the manga tale. But also have slight good news for you. Recently, we have heard that Viz Media has decided to launch the English version of the manga tale by the Fall of this year, 2021. Thus we are hoping to get the actual physical copies of the manga, by next year, particularly, Spring 2022. So, fans you have to wait for a few months more. But we assure you, the official English version of the adventurous manga series is soon coming out for you all to read.

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Everything You Want To Know About Record of Ragnarok Is Down Here!

Record of Ragnarok is a great epic adventurous Japanese manga series. It is penned down by the renowned writers Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and is explained and illustrated by Ajichika. The series was first launched in the year 2017.

It is a beautiful tale, which explains to us the reality of life with a touch of magic and mystery. It is a battle between the dead and the alive. Who will survive in the eyes of the 13 most powerful Gods? Will the human race meet the end? It is a great manga to binge on. Definitely check it out, if you still haven’t caught up on this epic adventurous manga tale.

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