Realme X7 Pro will be among the first few devices which will have early access to Realme UI 2.0

RealMe, a counterpart of the MNC Oppo, has told its customers that the Realme X7 series is going to get early access to their UI 2.0 beta version. This series was released a few months back, at that time, the specs were sluggish as, to put it mildly. They released two devices under this series: Realme X7 and Realme X7 Pro. They came preloaded with a mediocre Android 10 and Realme UI 1.0 which is surprising, considering that it is a device that came out in this era of technological evolution. Soon after the launch, the company announced that the Realme X7 series devices will receive an Android 11 based Realme UI 2.0 Beta update starting April 2021. Now, Realme has announced Realme UI 2.0 Early Access program for the Realme X7 Pro smartphone.

What to do so that the UI 2.0  Beta version works smoothly

Realme suggests that clients should have at any rate 5GB of free stockpiling and the gadget should likewise not be established. The organization also informs their clients to take a reinforcement concerning their own information before continuing with the establishment. Realme X7 Pro clients running firmware adaptation RMX2121PU_11.A.14 can apply for the Early Access program. The organization additionally says that it can not guarantee that each candidate will get the update. Realme refers to different factors, such as network correspondence and methodological change. Users need to apply via the Software Update Application channel for which they can head over to Settings -> Software Update -> Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner -> Trial Version -> Submit your details -> Apply Now.

Why is it a big risk in updating?

The UI 2.0 is an early access program that might not be the most suitable choice for your mobile. The X7 users will have to wait just like the rest of us for the Android 11 update to be usable. Realme is also providing users an option to roll back to Android 10. Though, roll back to Android 10 will result in complete data loss. Also, post rolling back to Android 10, users will not receive the Realme UI Beta update. We have seen in a community post made by Realme that they recommend their customers to chose for button-oriented navigation rather than the gesture-based after getting the early access 2.0. They have let us know that the early access build will disable the swipe-up gestures that will be later rectified with new updates that are coming very shortly. A lot of red flags here if you ask me.

In conclusion, what I would like to tell you is that there is no point in opting for early access to the UI 2.o beta version. Android 11 will be on your X7 pro device sooner or later. Do you think putting your phone, all your personal information, your pictures, etc, under jeopardy, a good idea? I do not think so, my advice to you is, hold tight and wait for the real updates to bolster your phone’s working condition and not give in to these marketing schemes put out by the company so that they could get more customers.


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