Real Steel 2 Release Date; Will Hugh Jackman Reprise His Role?


Do you still remember that film? where that old-generation robot beat the hell out of a next-generation robot in a robot duel? Do you still remember the joy that boy had that day? what was the name? yeah… that was “Real Steel.” Directed by Shawn Levy and presented with the star Hugh Jackman, this movie is originally based on a short story of Richard Matheson, “Steel”, which was printed in 1956 in a science fiction mag and was adapted and broadcasted on television in 1963. Pretty much ahead-of-time right? And, now fans are excited about Real Steel 2.


After quite a few years, Shawn Levy piqued an interest in developing a film revolving around this story. That was June 24, 2010, when the production started. Robots were made for the movie with the help of motion capture technology.


it’s highly anticipated that the cast for real steel 2 won’t differ from the previous movie so we’re gonna see Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), Max Kenton (Dakota Goyo), Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lilly), Finn (Anthony Mackie), Farra Lemkova (Olga Fonda), Tak Mashido (Karl Yune), Ricky (Kevin Durand), Aunt Debra (Hope Davis), Marvin (James Rebhorn), Bill Panner (Gregory Sims) again, reprising their roles.


After a few years of Real Steel, Shawn Levy confirmed in an interview in 2014 that he and Hugh Jackman are working on a sequel on their own for the last three and half years. They’ve got a nice script but they’re searching for a unique plot along with a unique development of characters. They’ve achieved both but separately. They’re not giving up though.

It’s not gonna take much time to verify this statement but real steel has done its business of $300 million which can be defined as a blockbuster as well as a huge success that hasn’t made a franchise like Marvel or DC but indeed made a cult that has created and still creating countless fans with every passing hour. Though from the given statement of Shawn Levy we know that the planning for the film is ongoing, there isn’t any official declaration for Real Steel 2. That means, no trailer or release date for you 🙂

But why fear when Shawn is here? Who knows what kind of twist he’s gonna throw at our face? We can wake up tomorrow and see the trailer is out? just kidding though 🙂 Or are we? anyways, even if that happens it’ll take quite a while to finalize everything as per the demand of Shawn and Hugh. So we don’t have anything to do except bite our nails and wait right?


Now for the plot for Real Steel 2, it can be represented in various forms, like nurturing about what’s coming next for Max and Charlie or highlighting Charlie as the main character, or even leaving all this from the previous part behind and starting afresh with a unique storyline, with brand new faces and new sets of characters, well, all we can do is guess, after all, everything goes by how the grey matter works for the creator and screenwriter, either way, considering how the first part was a mindblower, we can hope that real steel 2 won’t be breaking our hearts.

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