Read To Know About The Newest Camera Technology Brought To Us By Vivo V21 5G

Vivo the Chinese Telecommunication company has come out with yet another device to add to their showroom. Vivo went through a huge controversy in June 2020, where they faced charges of fraud by the Meerut police due to the 13000 mobiles that had the same IMEI numbers which they sold. Each IMEI number should be mandatorily unique to each customer. It looks like they have come a long way from that. Their new device, V21 5G is supposedly going to be on the market for us to buy from 29th April morning, as revealed by Flipkart in India. ‘King mobiles’, which is a Youtube channel provides us with one of the best views and shows us what features it brings with it in their unboxing video of the gadget. Vivo India also has a promo page on the internet that tells us what we are getting for our money.

The Specifications

The most interesting part about this mobile’s design is its camera set up in the back which is triangular in nature. The primary camera is said to be 64 MP and the one in the front is going to be having a 44 MP sensor situated inside the notch. Yes, the phone would be having a notch on its screen. It will be joined two or three flash modules, permitting you to take more splendid photographs in faint conditions. It’s likewise important that both the essential and selfie cameras will accompany OIS. The V21 5G will parade a Matte Glass Design, and keeping in mind that Vivo hasn’t gone down to the brass tacts with the cell phone’s design yet, we’ve gained from an industry source that the 2.5D AG glass utilized by the telephone producer has “high roughness and high transmissivity”. The high roughness gives the glass a more agreeable surface, making the telephone not so much elusive but rather more impervious to fingerprints. Then again, the high conveyance guarantees that the impact of the shading covering and finished film under the glass is noticeable through it to improve the back board’s appearance, surface, and worth discernment. The Vivo V21 5G will have 8GB RAM locally available, albeit the cell phone will accompany an Extended RAM highlight, which will utilize 3GB of the cell phone’s internal storage to offer an aggregate of 11GB of RAM.

The story behind the color combinations of this device

The V21 5G will have three shading alternatives – Sunset Dazzle, Arctic White, and Dusk Blue. The last one will be 7.29mm thin and weigh 176 grams, while the other two will be a touch thicker (7.39mm) and heavier (177 grams). They say Arctic White addresses the tip of the frigid mountain after the principal beam of daylight, while Dusk Blue is the shade of persistence and strength and is made for those searching for a solid and significant gadget. The Sunset Dazzle model is the most intriguing of the three. It will likewise be called Shimmery Horizon, and Vivo has utilized an exceptional twofold covering innovation for this colorway to accomplish a rainbow-like impact when light hits the backboard at various points. We believe this impact will be like what we’ve seen with the Vivo X60 Pro Shimmer Blue variation. We are waiting for the device to be finally available so that we can find out more about it.


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