Ratched Season 2 Release Date: Expected Plot and Where to Watch

Ratched is a suspenseful drama series based on an asylum nurse, Mildred Ratched. The protagonist arrives in Northern California in 1947 and looks for means of survival in the big city. Her fate ends up making her a nurse in the psychiatric hospital, Lucia State Hospital where new and disturbing experiments were taking place on human minds. The dedicated and honest nurse starts on a mission to turn the wheels and slowly reveals the layers of darkness surrounding that ‘monster-creating’ asylum. Currently, the fans are eagerly waiting for Ratched Season 2.

Even though the story is completely original and fiction, the character of the nurse is based on “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Ken Kesey. The author got inspired by a head nurse in the psychiatric ward where he worked in. Just to complete his 1962 novel, he went to work in a large hospital. The story revolves around Ratched who gets bitter and bitter in the story while ending up being a ‘Complete Monster’ for her patients. Will she succeed? Millions of fans are waiting too!

Ratched Season 2

Ratched Season 2: Renewal And Release Date

As soon as the first season of this series aired on Netflix way back in September 2020, it proved to be an instant success. Within 28 days of its release, over 48 million viewers came looking for it making it the most-viewed series debut of the year. The overnight success of the show made its creators jump in excitement and confirmed Ratched Season 2 in no less time. 2020 also marked the renewal of this show by Netflix.

Ratched Season 2 is not listed in Netflix’s June release schedule as of now. It’s been almost 2 years since the release of the first season and fans have been eagerly waiting to get even a tiny piece of information regarding its second season. After social media approaches by the fans, Netflix revealed it has nothing to say about its release date or even a hint about how much progress has been made.

Even though Ratched Season 2 was made official way back in 2020 itself, there have been no stills or trailer or any kind of teaser surfacing in the market. It seems as if there is no work happening for the second season. You can look at the official trailer of season one and get some insights into the craziness and suspense that revolves around the Asylum nurse, Mildred Ratched, and the asylum itself.

Gossips Behind The Delay And Episodes Revealed?

Speculations are that Sarah Paulson and Finn Wittrock are not getting enough dates to complete the schedules of Ratched Season 2. These talented actors are pretty much in demand in the industry and have loads of projects in their lineup. Other actors like Cynthia Nixon, Sharon Stone, and Jon Jon Briones have their separate projects that have a closer release date.

The good news is that IMDB has confirmed 10 episodes as of now for Ratched Season 2 and has the fans dancing in amusement. But the cravings are yet to perish as they are waiting for more details to spill out of the pockets of creators or production houses. Ratched Season 1 has over 62% rotten tomatoes and an IMDB average of 7.2 out of 10.

Crossing all the ‘mixed and average’ reviews, Ratched has been rising as people’s choice in recent times and it might be the right time to release season two. Netflix is going to announce details of some pretty big projects in a Five-day event, 2022 Netflix’s Geeked Week. There is a whole bunch of trailer lineups for this event linking to the release date of many projects releasing in no less time. Ratched is not listed in this lineup of projects and isn’t part of it. Maybe, there can be a surprise, who knows?

Ratched Season 2 Release Date: Expected Plot and Where to Watch

Season 2 Plot and Cast

‘Sarah Paulson’ And ‘Finn Wittrock’ Returning With their roles of nurse Mildred Ratched and Edmund Tolleson, the serial killer respectively. Cynthia Nixon is probably going to return as Nurse Briggs and obviously, Judy Davis will play Nurse Betsy Bucket. Season one had a very different conclusion from what the writers intended. Nurse Bucket seized control of Lucia State while Briggs learned about her cancer. She was supposed to pass away at the beginning itself but we can declare her existence as of now. Ratched’s brother, Edmund is currently on the run after knowing that his sister intended to kill him. He may be on the path of revenge and people are dying to know if they both will clash or make repairs in the relationship.

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