R5 Homixide Cause of Death Reddit: What We Know So Far

R5 Homixide, a rising Atlanta rapper and affiliate of Playboi Carti, has passed away at the age of 22. His death has shocked and saddened many fans and fellow artists, who have expressed their condolences and tributes on social media. But what was the cause of his death? And what was his connection to Playboi Carti? Here is what we know so far about R5 Homixide’s cause of death from Reddit and other sources.

Suicide Rumors

The most prevalent rumor about R5 Homixide’s cause of death is that he committed suicide. This rumor has been circulating on Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms, but there has been no official confirmation or evidence to support it. However, some of R5’s associates and family members have hinted at suicide as the possible cause of his death.

For example, on Reddit, a user named xsjack44 posted a question on r/Atlantology, asking “Why did R5 Homixide kill himself?”. In the comments, another user named Ill-Lavishness8521 claimed that R5 was sold a fake drug that led him to overdose. However, this claim was not verified or corroborated by any other source.

Another user named ZaatFrmTheDead speculated that R5 may have been depressed after losing his friend Sosa, who was killed in a shooting in 2020. He also suggested that R5 may have had other personal issues that affected his mental health. However, this was also a personal opinion and not a factual statement.

On Twitter, a user named @R5HomixideFan posted a screenshot of a text message that allegedly came from R5’s cousin, who said that R5 tried to commit suicide twice before and that he was going through a lot of pain. However, the authenticity of this screenshot and the identity of the cousin were not verified.

On Instagram, a user named @homixidegang posted a tribute to R5, saying that he was “the strongest person I ever met” and that he “fought through so much pain”. He also said that R5 “didn’t deserve this” and that he “wasn’t supposed to go out like this”. However, he did not explicitly mention suicide as the cause of death.

Playboi Carti Connection

R5 Homixide was an affiliate of Playboi Carti, a popular rapper and leader of the Opium collective. R5 was part of the Homixide Gang, a group of rappers and producers that included Beno!, Ken Carson, Destroy Lonely, and others. The Homixide Gang was closely associated with Playboi Carti and his Opium label, and they often collaborated and performed together.

R5 Homixide appeared on several songs with Playboi Carti, such as “Homixide”, “JumpOutTheHouse”, and “Stop Breathing”, which were featured on Carti’s latest album, Whole Lotta Red. R5 also appeared on songs with Beno!, Ken Carson, and Destroy Lonely, such as “Lif3”, “Guitars”, and “V-Friends”, which were featured on the Homixide Gang’s debut album, Homixide Lifestyle.

Playboi Carti has not publicly commented on R5 Homixide’s death, but he has reportedly paid for R5’s funeral expenses and offered his support to R5’s family. Carti has also been seen wearing a Homixide Gang hoodie and a R5 chain in honor of his friend.


R5 Homixide was a talented and promising rapper who had a bright future ahead of him. His death has left a void in the Atlanta rap scene and the Opium family. His cause of death is still unknown, but rumors of suicide have been spreading online. However, these rumors have not been confirmed or proven by any official source. We hope that R5 Homixide’s family and friends find peace and closure in this difficult time. Rest in peace, R5 Homixide.

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