R5 Homixide Cause of Death: Atlanta Rapper Dies by Suicide at 22

The hip-hop community is mourning the loss of one of its rising stars, R5 Homixide, who reportedly died by suicide on Monday, August 23, 2021. The 22-year-old rapper, whose real name was Rashad Dowdy, was based in Atlanta and had gained attention for his songs “Lion Heart” and “Chrome Heart”.

A Promising Career Cut Short

R5 Homixide started his rap career in 2020, when he released his first album, Gvnganati 3. He was affiliated with popular rapper Playboi Carti and had collaborated with other artists such as Problem Child 5 and Money Game Boo. His latest song, “Chrome Heart”, came out in August 2021 and had nearly 60,000 views on YouTube.

According to The Independent, R5 Homixide was considered a rising star in hip-hop and had not yet signed a record deal. His fans and peers praised his talent and potential, and expressed their shock and sadness over his death.

Tributes from Friends and Fans

Problem Child 5, who was close friends with R5 Homixide, confirmed the news of his death on Instagram. He posted a picture of the two of them and wrote: “Who tf gone watch my back now. Take me with you twin.” He also added several broken heart emojis.

Money Game Boo also paid tribute to R5 Homixide on Instagram. He shared a video of the rapper performing and wrote: “your heart was big as this world”. He also called him “amazing” and said he would miss him.

Many fans also took to Twitter to offer their condolences and share their memories of R5 Homixide. One fan wrote: “Long live R5 Homixide.” Another commented: “Smh rip gang you was jus gettin started.”

Cause of Death Unknown

The exact cause of R5 Homixide’s death is not yet known. However, some sources claimed that he died by suicide. Rap Alert, a Twitter account that covers rap news, tweeted: “Atlanta rapper R5 Homixide has passed away after reportedly committing suicide. #RIP.”

According to US Day News, some rumors suggested that R5 Homixide had attempted suicide twice before his death. However, these rumors have not been verified by any official sources.

R5 Homixide’s family has not yet made a statement about his death or the funeral arrangements. His fans are hoping to get more information soon and are sending their prayers and love to his loved ones.

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