Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date: Is it Canceled by the showrunners?

Queen of the South is a fantastic and well-scripted show where the director has focused on the tiniest of elements to satisfy the cravings of the audience. The fans loved the series and are looking forward to Queen of the South Season 6. The show’s journey began in 2016 when the intense drama aired its first season showcasing personal struggles of Teresa.

Teresa was shown as a drug runner who was sick of her boyfriend getting into trouble and eventually being rescued by her. As her journey continues, she walks on the path of power, earning influence over the illegal drug trade by making untrustworthy partners like James and Pote Galvez.

The show is indirectly based on the book “Queen of the South” by the author Arturo Pérez-Reverte. All of its seasons are full of action, drama, tragedy, and romance. The show is considered an all-rounder to watch for all genres and has remained one of the most popular USA projects on Netflix.

Queen of the South Season 6

Season 5: Trailer, Cast, & Ending EXPLAINED

The trailer was exciting and full of revelations. This helped show in gaining a positive environment because the trailer claimed that Teresa will be back taking her crown along with stating it as the final season. The first episode of the last season premiered on April 7 on the USA network. Following the episode release schedule, the season finally concluded on 9 June 2021. Later, the full season gets shifted on Netflix.

The show is starring Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, Peter Gadiot as James Valdez, Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez, Veronica Falcon as Doña Camila, Molly Burnett as Kelly, Idalia Valles as Isabella Vargas, Alfonso Herrera as Javier Gallegos, and many more profound faces. The show is a massive success securing a 7.9 IMDB rating and is liked by 91% of the Google users.

The final season showed the aftermath of Teresa‘s death. Pote, Kelly Anne, and James avenge her death to settle her business, once it is for all, Teresa met her fate in the second-last episode of this season when she died at the hands of James, her lover. After cremating Teresa, Pote gets jailed for three years.

Until the last episode, we realize it was a game plan for Teresa as she was faking her death to start a new life. Even before her supposed assassination, Teresa had prepared a plan with Pote, Kelly Anne, and James to fake her death, making everyone believe that she was gone forever.

Once the system and news of her death get cold, she will reunite with the crew in a remote yet beautiful paradise. Though the final episode recorded a death! it was not a human loss, instead, it was a symbolic loss. The money-obsessed, greedy, and intense version of Teresa died and she finally chose life over everything.

Queen of the South Season 6 Renewal Status & Showrunners’ View

Back in the summer of 2021, USA Network announced the cancellation of the show. This means there will be no Queen of the South Season 6, at least in the near future. Even before season five begin airing, the USA network declared the ending of the show.

According to Frances Berwick, chairperson of Entertainment Networks, the series has broken boundaries for the genre and they have closed the final chapter by giving the fans, the ending they deserve. The strangest thing is at the time of cancellation, the show was still a hit and was the most-watched original drama on the network. Fans had gone crazy and disappointed at the same time after hearing the news of the cancellation of Queen of the South Season 6.

The show’s ending created a buzz on social media platforms, especially on Reddit. Co-showrunner, Dailyn Rodriguez came forward to speak in an interview with Deadline about a chance for a Queen of the South Season 6. She clearly talked about how the ending of the series made her feel huge amounts of peace and beauty. She believes the series was dark, violent, and very sad sometimes.

She said, “I find that ending to be very, very emotionally satisfying, and I am hoping the audience feels the same way.”

Reasons Behind Cancellation, Can Netflix Bring it Back?

There have been no official statements about why Queen of the South came to an end but looking at the record of the USA network, it seems the network has different plans. The network can be seen moving away from making original dramas as at the time of season fifth being aired, there were only three original dramas left- Queen of the South, The Sinner, and Dirty John.

Apart from Queen of the South, The Sinner was canceled in November of 2021 and there seems no plan regarding the third season of Dirty John. Even their latest original drama of late 2021, Chucky, is not confirmed to have a season two.

There are chances that Netflix can bring the show back because there is almost 100% surety that the USA Network will not be renewing it. They have done this before also as they canceled their hit show, Dare Me, and never brought it back. The Creators think they brought a conclusive ending but if the show performs well on Netflix, they might try to renew Queen of the South Season 6.

Until then, the fans can rewatch all the seasons on the Netflix platform and can contribute support towards the renewal of Queen of the South Season 6.

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