Queen Elizabeth II speaks to Royal Family on Zoom after Death Rumors as per Insider Sources

Yes, you heard it right, the rumors were false! Queen Elizabeth II is alive! She was recently captured in a Zoom call. A few weeks back, people were guessing the Queen had passed away. But the news was absolutely false. She is absolutely fit and well. She has recently met the Royal Family through the Zoom call. She has grown old with time. She has managed to survive the Covid period. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Queen Elizabeth II Passed Away? Are The Rumour Really True?

The rumors were all false. It was absolutely not true. Unfortunately, the Queen was Covid-19 positive. As per our inner sources, the Queen faced mild cold symptoms. She is currently 95 years old. The Royal family was highly worried about the monarch. But fortunately, the Queen survived through coronavirus. There was a rumor in the air that claimed the Queen is no longer with us.

According to the rumor, the Queen underwent a natural death. She couldn’t survive through Covid-19. Do not listen to the rumors out there, the longest British monarch is still alive! The rumor was just a fake assumption. Queen Elizabeth II is alive. A highly renowned news site, namely Hollywood Unlocked fired this rumor. Upon learning the truth, the news site publicly apologized to the Royal Family for fueling the rumor. As per CEO Jason Lee, an intern was responsible for firing the fake information. The Royal Family and the Queen have not taken any strict action against the news site. As of now, the Queen continues to live among us.

The Royal Family Decides To Meet The Queen Virtually, The Queen Captured Alive In Zoom Call

The Queen has recently held a virtual meeting. The Royal Family is getting messier day by day. All the high-class scandals are addressed to the Queen. She is looking into the matter. The Royal highness addressed the Royal Family through Zoom call. We all know about the high classed scandals. Prince Andrew has recently settled his case! As per reports, he was accused of sexually assaulting someone. But surprisingly, the matter was shut down. He has settled the court case. Moreover, Prince Charles’ bank account is also getting investigated.

Lastly, we all know about Prince Harry’s brave decision. He gave up the throne for the love of his life, Meghan Markle. Queen might be old, but over the years she has experienced and learned a lot of things. She is handling each of these matters. She is mentally really strong. The brave British monarch survived through the deadliest coronavirus. Queen Elizabeth II happens to be the most long-lived British monarch. The crowd was really tense over Queen’s death rumor. But the zoom call has shut all the rumors out there. The Queen’s death rumors have collapsed. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on the Royal Family, stay connected with us, just right here.

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