Queen Elizabeth II Dead rumor spread like wildfire until she called PM Boris Johnson to prove she is not

Some of the huge rumors have been surfacing on the internet recently regarding the death of Queen Elizabeth II and a clarification has also been given on this part. A lot of questions have been raised by the fans for the health concerns of Queen Elizabeth II whereas the Queen was tested positive for the Covid-19 and this raised much attention over the period of time but thankfully she went through the recovery period and has gained over some good recovery.

Mentioning the fact that there has also not been a lot of updates from Buckingham Palace recently. The public on the other hand has also been showing up a lot of concerns on the health status of Queen Elizabeth II as there was also news around that Queen Elizabeth II has also not been feeling well at the period of time and though she eventually went on to gain recovery over the time.

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Queen Elizabeth II made a call to Boris Johnson

The public on the other hand has also been putting up the predicted stories that there might be some work at the time to which no news or other update has been given at the time and the rumors have also been spreading on a big note. Also to mention the part that everyone has still been looking out for the news or the update from the palace regarding the health status of Queen Elizabeth II. The blog of US made a false claim at the time which mentioned that Queen Elizabeth II has died and thus it spread with wildfire on to social media and on the internet.

Queen Elizabeth

The Instagram page on the other hand made a false claim over time and though it has been charged by the authorities whereas to mention that it is yet to be taken out at the time. Hence speaking that giving out false information in a big sense can lead to a big crime and so investigation on this situation would also be taken place in time but moreover, everyone has been concerned about whether Queen Elizabeth II is all fine at the time.

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The palace gave an update on the situation and Queen Elizabeth II made a scheduled call to prime minister Boris Johnson she also told him that she was totally fine at the moment whereas a huge sigh of relief was then given by the public on this situation after knowing the part that the Queen is alright.

As mentioned that more investigation would be taken place at the time and this would also basically be raising awareness at the time for all the people who has been taking a misuse of social media and also providing false information along with plotting a big story in the time period whereas to mention that Queen Elizabeth II would also give a response that she is all fine and this is what the sources have reported at the time.

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