PS5 Users Can Now Now Enjoy The Goodies Of YouTube TV

Sony’s PS5 now completely supports YouTube TV live streaming with a dedicated app from the PlayStation Store, six months after its release.

PS5 shortages and the rush to get their hands on the next-generation consoles have been entertaining for players, but for those fortunate enough to get their hands on the router-looking entertainment system, the inclusion of YouTube TV live-streaming support is an added bonus.

Google recently added Sony’s latest and greatest gaming system to its official application support list (h/t Android Police). This means that if you want to go fully cord-free by putting the PS5 at the centre of your home entertainment system, you can do so now. The PS4 was not funded by YouTube TV until January 2020, seven years after the console was released and three years after YouTube TV was launched.

If you’re a YouTube TV subscriber with a PS5, you can now watch any of your favourite shows and channels without envying Xbox owners. YouTube TV has been available on Microsoft’s new consoles since day one. One of the reasons the Series S and X have had one core advantage over the PS5 is the OS and usability of current Xbox One apps, which is one of the reasons the Series S and X have had one core advantage over the PS5.

With Roku and Google embroiled in a public spat over the YouTube TV app, support for new devices, such as the PS5, is coming just in time. I’ll be happy if anyone can help me get an RRP PS5 in the UK…

Of course, none of this helps the many Roku users who don’t own a PS5 and are now without a big live TV service as a result of the aforementioned Google-Roku

If you’ve never heard of YouTube TV, you’re in for a treat. It offers over 85 live TV channels and also functions as a cloud-based DVR with “unlimited capacity” and the ability to pause live TV. The monthly subscription starts at $65 a month, but new users get a seven-day free trial.

In the United States, Google’s subscription streaming service, YouTube TV, has arrived on the Sony PS5 (via FlatpanelsHD).

That may be good news for US gamers, but it’s likely to irritate Roku users, as YouTube TV was recently removed from Roku’s website after the company failed to reach an agreement with Google.

Sony’s next-generation console has now been added to Google’s list of compatible devices, which also includes the PS4, Xbox One X and S, Apple TV 4K, and other Amazon Fire TV devices. PlayStation 5 owners should now be able to get YouTube TV from the PlayStation Store.

According to the most recent developments in that case, Roku isn’t looking for more money from a new YouTube TV contract, but rather wants to avoid conditions that favour Google’s Chromecast streaming platform (a direct competitor to Roku’s streaming sticks)

Google, for one, calls the allegations “baseless.”

Would YouTube TV ever make a comeback on Roku? Since the two sides seem to be at odds, those without a PS5 might want to check out our favourite streaming devices instead.


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