Pokemon Sword And Shield Episode 85 Anime Release Date

One of your favorite game have now turned into an interesting anime series. I’m sure back in your childhood days, you were fond of Pokemon cartoon. But do you know about the anime show, Pokemon Sword and Shield? We have already seen 84 superhit blockbuster episodes of the show. Now, the fans are highly excited to know about the upcoming Pokemon Sword And Shield Episode 85. To know all about it, stay tuned with us, just right here. 

When Will Pokemon Sword and Shield Episode 85 Release? 

One of your favourite anime show, Pokemon Sword and Shield Episode 85 is all set and scheduled to get premiered on next week. Episode number 85 is going to be aired on this upcoming, Friday, 29 October, 2021. We are expecting it to be launched by 6:55 PM JST, we expect. Though it might differ according to your time zones. Fans are highly excited and interested to unfold the next story in this pokemon journey. The show will be very first get out in Japan. The new trailer  for the 85th episode of the show is also out. If you are a true anime lover, then I’m sure by now, you must have watched the trailer of the 85th episode of the show.

What Is The Predictable Plot For Pokemon Sword and Shield Episode 85?

I’m sure you still remember driving over the episodes of the highly popular Pokemon cartoon show. We even have video games for this amazing cartoon series. But guess what the cartoon show is back again to entertain you. The anime is currently streaming online. You can also find the episodes of the show along with English subtitles online.

The trailer for Pokemon Sword And Shield Episode 85 is now available on YouTube and also on the official Pokemon Anime website. So far we have seen so many new Pokemons in the journey. Watch out as each one comes with a new and special power. The anime series has been growing really popular with every passing new episode.

According to our reports and trailer of the 85th episode, looks like we are about to see a new adventure journey for the Pokemon catchers. This also means new problems are on way too. Many more pokemons are about to get added in the clan. A new evolution is in our pathway. We our going to witness the third Pokemon battle, who will win this on? Will our hero manage to win this one? The battle will be full of action, drama and fun. For further more details on this particular episode, definitely watch the 85th episode of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Do We Have A Trailer Of Pokemon Sword and Shield Episode 85? See It, Down Just Right Here! 

The trailer for the upcoming episode of Pokemon Sword and Shield have been released. It is currently streaming online. Have you watched the trailer of the 85th episode of the show? If not, then what are you waiting for? Watch the trailer of Episode 85, just down here.


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