Plunderer Season 2 Release Date; What’s New In This Season?

We have all watched Plunderer on screen for over a year now. And we’re looking forward to Plunderer Season 2. The Ecchi Anime was quite popular and was able, following its launch, to grab the viewers’ interest. Hence, everyone asks if the program will come back for its second round.  All the newest information is here.

Plunderer: Introduction

Plunderer is a fantasy-anime program of Japanese ecchi action. It is a rendition of the manga by Suu Minazuki with a similar title. The Studio Geek Toys took over the animation of its opening installation. On the 9th of January 2020, it was first premiered.  The overall number of episodes was 24 by the conclusion of that same year, on June 25. Since then, its admirers throughout the world expect this program to come back.

The narrative takes place in a realm of magic. There everybody has a specific number from birth on his or her physique. The “number” is the urge or belief of the individual. It means if the individual does anything to strengthen his or her belief or want, the number keeps rising, and vise – versa. Once all count reaches zero, individuals are sent into Hell. It is regarded as worse even than death. Another noteworthy feature is that individuals with lesser counts ought to follow the commands of individuals with more counts invariably.

The tale is about Hina’s life, a girl whose count rises the more as she journeys by foot. She is on a mission to discover a member of the Red Baron. She meets a strange wicked man masked, Licht. Luckily for Hina, nobody’s bad and he works with a bar operator Nana. Surprisingly, the disguised pervert’s count is rather shocking to the negatives, but there was more that was there about the masked man.

The anime ended on its24th episode which is the 37the chapter of the 10th volume.  A record of 18 novels have been released so far by Suu Minazuki; the manga still runs. Geek Toys Studio thus has still sufficient data to make  Plunderer Season 2. But even so, some more, maybe one volume is needed to develop the 2nd cour of the next season.

Plunderer Season 2: Release Date

Plunderer Season 1 was airing from January to June 2020. Fans believed that by this year’s January Plunderer Season 2 will be released but it didn’t occur. There are no reports on whether or not the program is renewed. Some think that Plunderer Season 2 has a big possibility of being revived. However, the development is postponed due to the current epidemic. However, supporters would have to wait for the following season till the formal statement has been made.

Plunderer Season 2: Expected Plot

The Plunderer Season 2 is likely to resume where Plunderers Season 1 finished i.e., the Hina and Licht’s journey. Because the manga is advanced of the anime, the comic readers might have an idea what the following season might include, assuming the manga material was kept true in the animated series. Hina and Licht had only begun their adventure in seven ballets, thus a lot of happenings remain for their supporters. All that remains is to put it on hold for the formal declaration to see what’s going to come.

Frequently Asked Questions on Plunderer Season 2

Is Class A Still ALive Plunderer?

After Class A saved everyone, Licht thought he see the illusion of Class A but Tokikaze stated they aren’t an illusion, he said that Class A is actually still alive.

What is the real count of Licht in plunderer?

Licht Bach is considered the strongest Baron in Plunderer and his true count is estimated to be 3,000,000. He currently has two counts: -1002 on his left hand and 5700 on his sword.

Do Hina and Licht Get Together?

Hina kisses Licht When Licht “revived” and arrived at the abandoned capital, Licht went to talk with Hina, as he has something to tell her after he made a promise with Lyne earlier, which reveals he’s actually been in love with Hina since the beginning.

Who Are the Seven Aces in Plunderer

  1. Licht Bach (Ace of flashing strikes)
  2. Alexandrov Grigorovich (Ace of Explosive Strikes)
  3. Douan Taketora (Ace of Heavy Strikes)
  4. Sakai Tokikaze (Ace of Sudden Strikes)
  5. Sonohara Mizuka (Ace of Pursuit)
  6. Nana Bassler (Ace of Knowing)
  7. Gespenst Zerlegen (Pierce Baron)

Is Sakai Tokikaze stronger than Licht?

And after training and improving his ability for the next 300 years in the Abyss, Tokikaze is seen having achieved a speed surpassing Licht’s “Flash”, as seen where he managed to easily overpower Licht with his sword strikes despite him being initially slower than him.


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