Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Release Date Revealed For As Soon As Next Week


  • The present graphics engine in “PSO2” will be replaced by “New Genesis.”
  • Players will be able to explore a big open environment as part of the upgrade.

The new incarnation of Sega’s free-to-play MMORPG “Phantasy Star Online 2” is nearly complete, and it will be released worldwide. “New Genesis” is a big update to “Phantasy Star Online 2,” with a new open environment and dramatically better graphics.

According to a statement on the “PSO2” website, “Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis” will formally open on June 9 across all servers worldwide. Although the actual date of release is unknown, the game should be available for download once the scheduled date arrives.

Phantasy Star Online 2” was launched in 2012 and is one of all Japan’s maximum famous MMOs. The sport becomes now no longer formally launched withinside the West till 2020, however it becomes properly liked through its new audience.
The game’s 3D anime-inspired graphics, flashy high-speed fighting, and huge boss battles have made it a fan favorite. It’s an instance-based game in “Phantasy Star Online 2.” Players are
“accrued in a large imperative area, and after they start missions, they’re dropped in instanced places, both on their own or in groups.

This will change with the addition of a big open world similar to those found in other MMOs. It’s both a graphical update and a content expansion for the original “Phantasy Star Online 2,” and once “New Genesis” is published, players will be able to freely switch between the two games.

Aside from improved graphics, the update will also include improved gameplay systems. Players will be able to combine weapons with the new Multi-Weapon system, and the weapon upgrade system will be more streamlined.

A graphics upgrade to “Phantasy Star Online 2” is long overdue. Although the graphics of the original game are visibly outdated, they did enable compatibility with a larger range of low-end devices. Thankfully, rather than completely overhauling the graphics engine, Sega only added new technology to the previous one.

While the video focused mostly on details such as chat and weapon skills, it did disclose the remainder of the weaponry that was not present in the closed beta. Wired Lances, Twin Blades, Launchers, and other weaponry will all be available once more. Sega also disclosed a timeline for future improvements. Levels will be capped at 20 when the game launches, and just the six base classes will be available.

PSO2’s anniversary is in July, and there will be a Web Link event, which has previously only been available in Japan’s version of the game, making it a first-time global event. Fans will get the Braver and Bouncer classes, as well as new adventures, in August and September. NGS will be updated to include mission passes. The first major update will introduce a new region and raise the level ceiling to 35.

As previously stated, AC and SG are returning and will be accessible for use in between games. There will be two AC scratch tickets available with the debut of NGS, and they will cost the same as the present tickets. There will also be an SG scratch, but it will be less expensive overall, and every player will receive one free scratch, making it easier to keep track of your materials.


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