Pewdiepie Had ALCOHOL ADDICTION and Talks About How He Got Over it

PewDiePie is YouTube’s most popular independent video creator, with 110 million subscribers over the course of his eleven years on the network.

In 2017, PewDiePie tells up about his whiskey problem.

In a recent live stream, PewDiePie discussed his alcohol problem, saying that he recognized he was addicted to alcohol when he tried to quit. He claimed that he was frequently anxious and agitated and that he relied on whiskey to help him manage. He soon learned, however, that drinking was also causing him to feel stressed and anxious.

Surprisingly, this was also the time in PewDiePie’s decade-long career when he faced the most controversy. He is a well-known figure who is well-known for making obscene jokes. He had also used a racial slur on a webcast, which nearly resulted in him being banned from the internet.

PewDiePie was naturally under a lot of stress at the time, which contributed to his alcoholism. However, the streamer quickly recognized he was becoming addicted and decided to take action. He began his incredible fitness journey by switching from cigarettes to nicotine patches. The streamer soon stopped requiring the fixes, despite the fact that.

The Swedish YouTube prodigy has built quite a career for himself, rivaling the likes of huge corporate channels like T-Series and Coco Melon — but it hasn’t always been sunshine and flowers for this online hero.

As PewDiePie himself stated, revealing his addiction story could help many viewers see the signals of their own addiction and quit. His community applauded his effort and congratulated him on conquering his difficult alcohol addiction.

On Wednesday, YouTube sensation Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg released a different kind of video, in which he detailed his experience quitting his alcohol and subsequently nicotine addictions. He made the video with the aim of assisting those who are dealing with addiction.

During his decade-long career, PewDiePie has been involved in a number of incidents, the most notable of which is his use of a racial slur during a live broadcast in 2017.

He spoke up about the incident in October 2021, indicating that he used alcohol as a coping strategy to deal with the stress of the circumstance after first attempting to quit to focus on his physical condition. PewDiePie explains his alcoholism in the past. “I used to drink whiskey every day,” he stated, “and I recognized I was getting addicted when I tried to cut back on it and saw how difficult it was.”

“Now that I think about it, I know I was dealing with a lot of anxiety at the time. Drinking to forget about your feelings is a recipe for catastrophe. This was during the height of my controversies. I was under a lot of stress, possibly the most I’d ever experienced.”

After getting tired of the continual anxiety and stress he was experiencing, the influencer finally quit drinking, but then switched his addiction to nicotine patches. He eventually got rid of the patches, but it took him two tries to get rid of them for good.

PewDiePie ended his interview by expressing his hope that by sharing his personal issues, viewers may be able to analyze their own addictions and get treatment.

Fans congratulated him on his candor and shared their own life experiences with others, and the influencer received an outpouring of support in his comments.

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