Perry Damone Cause of Death: How the Son of a Legendary Singer and Actress Lost His Battle with Lymphoma

Perry Damone was a radio personality, entrepreneur, and the son of two famous celebrities: Vic Damone and Pier Angeli. He died on December 9, 2014, at the age of 59, after a valiant fight with lymphoma. In this article, we will explore his life, his career, and his cause of death.

Early Life and Family Background

Perry Damone was born on August 21, 1955, in Los Angeles, California. His father, Vic Damone, was a popular singer, actor, and entertainer, who had hits like “You’re Breaking My Heart” and “On the Street Where You Live”. His mother, Pier Angeli, was an Italian actress, who starred in films like Teresa and Somebody Up There Likes Me. Perry was their only child together.

Perry grew up in a glamorous Hollywood environment, surrounded by famous people and media attention. He had a close relationship with his parents, especially his father, who taught him how to sing and play golf. He also had four half-siblings from his parents’ other marriages: Howard Andrew Trovaioli, Charves Damone, Daniella Farinola, and Andrea Farinola.

Perry attended the American School in England for a while, but later returned to California after his mother’s death. Pier Angeli died of an accidental overdose of barbiturates in 1971, when Perry was 16 years old. Perry was devastated by the loss of his mother, who had suffered from depression and substance abuse for years.

Career and Achievements

Perry Damone followed his father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry, but chose a different path: radio broadcasting. He was fascinated by radio disc jockeys since he was a child, and pursued a successful career in radio for over three decades.

Perry started his radio career in Los Angeles, working for stations like KIIS-FM and KFI-AM. He later moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he hosted a top-rated show on 99.9 KEZ for 15 years. He was known for his charismatic personality, his sense of humor, and his rapport with listeners and guests.

Perry also ventured into other fields of media and business. He founded KidStar Network, an online platform that educates and empowers children to create their own radio shows and podcasts. He also worked as a voice-over artist, a producer, and a consultant for various projects.

Perry was passionate about music, golf, sports, and philanthropy. He enjoyed singing karaoke with his friends and family, playing fantasy football with his dad, cheering for the Arizona Cardinals, and supporting various charitable causes. He was a devout Christian who embraced life with enthusiasm and optimism.

Cause of Death and Legacy

Perry Damone was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2013. Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. It can cause symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, fever, weight loss, fatigue, and night sweats.

Perry fought his disease with courage and dignity. He underwent chemotherapy and other treatments to try to stop the cancer from spreading. He also relied on his faith, his family, and his friends for support and comfort.

Unfortunately, Perry’s condition worsened over time. He died peacefully on December 9, 2014, in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was surrounded by his loved ones as he departed.

Perry is survived by his wife of 21 years, Nancy Damone; his father Vic Damone and his wife Rena; his sisters Daniella Woodard, Andrea Damone-Brown, and Victoria Damone-Leonard; his aunt Marisa Pavan; and many other relatives and friends.

Perry’s death was mourned by many people who knew him personally or professionally. He was remembered as a kind-hearted, generous, talented, and fun-loving man who touched many lives with his voice and his spirit.

Perry’s legacy lives on through his family, his work, and his charity. His family hopes to maintain KidStar Network as a tribute to Perry’s vision of empowering children through media. His fans can also listen to some of his radio shows online or watch some of his videos on YouTube.

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