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Peacemaker Episode 6: Truth About White Dragon CONFIRMED


The trailer of the upcoming Peacemaker Episode 6 shows that the White Dragon is chasing after the character of John Cena in order to eliminate him in the forthcoming episode. The name of the white dragon is a sobriquet of four different creatures in the universe of DC Comics. But the version that we’re going to see in the show that is created by James Gunn is something original that is clearly inspired by the incarnations of William Heller and Daniel Ducannon. In the comical world, the mentioned versions of the character White Dragon are widely known for being the mortal enemy of the character Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and the team of Suicide Squad. The character is visualized as a Neo-Nazi who believes in supreme power over all creatures. The character got connections with the Aryan Empire and they use their powers while aiming for human beings who are not white.

What Can Happen in the Peacemaker Episode 6?

The character of White Dragon makes its appearance in the DC Extended Universe in Peacemaker. The father of the titular character of John Cena, August “Auggie” Smith, who was primarily seen to be acting with a mindset of white supremacist takes the title of White Dragon previously. As we have seen in The Suicide Squad and also noticed afterward in the fourth episode of the series, Peacemaker’s father has taught his son how to fight and kill from a very young age. As a result, he killed his brother, which made him follow the path of a merciless antagonist. His father also designs his suit and his signature helmet. We have seen Smith behind the bars in the maximum part of the show. We have also seen that John Economos has switched his fingerprint with that of Peacemaker because he wanted to keep the whole thing of project Butterfly a secret. Regardless of what he tried, his plans didn’t seem to become successful and his future seemed totally unpredictable.

What Does the Trailer of Peacemaker Episode 6 Reveal?

After 5 episodes were broadcasted on the online streaming platform HBO Max, the Peacemaker Episode 6 is now at our doorsteps. The episode is entitled ‘Murn After Reading.’ The teaser trailer reveals that the character of White Dragon (played by Robert Patrick) is chasing after the titular character of John Cena. On the other hand, the police are also looking for him. Adebayo faces the truth behind Murn. A big part of the series has seen how the titular character of John Cena makes peace with his own nature and continues to kill without letting his emotions be affected.

The most astounding thing about the teaser trailer of Peacemaker Episode 6 is the clash between the two prime characters, White Dragon and the antihero Peacemaker. The trailer also reveals that he won’t be seeing the sky outside of prison anytime soon. Murn and Amanda Waller take the help of the character Casper Locke to make sure that Auggie doesn’t come out of his prison cell. Now, what else will happen in the Peacemaker Episode 6? We don’t have any other option but to wait. A few days remain to see how the peacemaker’s father will make it out of jail.

Peacemaker Episode 6 Promo

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