Peacemaker Episode 5 Release Date and Major CHARACTER RETURN CONFIRMED


The trailer of Peacemaker Episode 5 has been released. The trailer sees Peacemaker, the character of John Cena and his team who works alongside him, is doing their investigation on a butterfly nest. The title of the comic book dictates the first TV show of the DC Extended Universe and is considered as the first side-story of the latest DC Extended Universe movie, The Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad was directed by James Gunn. In this context, you should know that the series is also created, written, and primarily directed by James Gunn. James Gunn was revealed the fact that Peacemaker is not going to be the only Spin-off to come on our plate, rather this show is just the first one to come. He also teased that his next project which will be a collaboration with the studio will be also an effort that will be presented on small screens.

What Are We Going to See in The Peacemaker Episode 5?

As the new episode is going to air soon on the online streaming platform HBO Max, the trailer for the fifth episode of Peacemaker has been revealed by TV Promos. The trailer shows that the Peacemaker Episode 5 will take the lead from the ending of the last episode. We will be seeing the titular character of John Cena will be attending a mission which is called Project Butterfly. He and his team will be working on the project to track down and deal with an alien parasitic creature similar to a butterfly, which nests inside human beings all over the world.
The teaser for Peacemaker Episode 5 sees that the character of John Cena, Peacemaker is still down about the fact that his father was deliberately framed and was sentenced to prison time.

Since the show premiered on HBO Max, a while back, Peacemaker is progressing slowly but steadily towards this butterfly incident and is building up an explanation behind the threat. The third episode of the series gave us a firm idea about the powers of the team members and also of the creatures. The Peacemaker Episode 5 will not be continuing the incident about the Murn twist that was shown previously. On the other hand, it will be seeing some breathtaking action sequences. We all are waiting for something like that to happen. We all wanna see our favorite character Peacemaker making some serious trouble. The trailer also teases us about a new bad guy in White Dragon of Robert Patrick as we can see that Murn has appointed somebody new to follow every move of Peacemaker’s father or to eliminate him if needed. Now, we don’t have any other option but to wait to see what the Peacemaker Episode 5 brings to us.

When and Where to Watch?

Peacemaker Episode 5 will be coming out on the online streaming platform HBO Max on 27th January, Thursday. The time of the release is 12:01 AM PST or 3:01 AM EST. the fresh episodes of the series come out on weekly basis (every Thursday). We will be seeing another four episodes in this series which will show the unique adventures of the Peacemaker and his team. So, keep your fingers crossed, a few days left for Peacemaker Episode 5 to come.

Official Teaser Trailer

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