Paul Pierce involved in major cryptocurrency scam with Floyd Mayweather Jr. How is Kim Kardashian associated with it?

Big news has been trending throughout as the famous former basketball player Paul Pierce along with Floyd Mayweather and Kim Kardashian has been found over in a cryptocurrency scam that everyone is talking about currently.

Famous celebrities have been found over in the scam of the cryptocurrency and this has taken over a lot of attention around the place. The cryptocurrency has taken over the digital market and it’s no doubt that the crypto world is also expanding at the period time thus the big scams are also being played during the period time and mentioning the part some the famous personalities such as Kim Kardashian Floyd Mayweather and Paul Pierce have been put over the allegations to be involved in the cryptocurrency scam and the news has been surfacing throughout on a heavy note at the time.

Also to mention the part that the famous personalities have been sued by the authorities for their roles in misleading the cryptocurrency to a false note and thus the situation will not be taken lightly into any chance as the sources have reported and so actions will be taken in the following situation so that it could not be repeated by any chance ever again.

The authorities have filed a complaint about the false promotions against the famous personalities

The complainant has been filed in the Central District of California and though it states that the famous personalities have made misleading statements about the digital tokens which have been taken out on a false note.

Also to mention that it is said throughout that the famous celebrities make over false promotions on the tokens which basically puts it into loss and that they need to understand the right use for it. Kim Kardashian posted a story about EthereumMax Token and she asked everyone on her story about the crypto thus she wrote that the Ethereum Max burned over 400 trillion tokens and thought of giving back over half to the community of E-Max.

Floyd Mayweather also called out the cryptocurrency and stated that his shorts contain logos from the cryptocurrency EthereumMax among other tokens whereas to mention that another lawsuit has been filed against Paul Pierce stating that the famous former basketball player partook in pump and dump which was a scheme about a crypto coin named EthereumMax.

All the three famous personalities have been sued and now the matters will basically be proceeding in court for a legal battle and so it is safe to say that the authorities have taken over the actions on this part and everyone is sharing their own opinions on the matter stating that it was definitely wrong to post something like this and it is yet to see what action will be taken against the famous personalities as the case will be proceeding ahead on a big note.

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