Pat Goss Cause of Death: What We Know So Far

Pat Goss, the legendary mechanic and television personality, passed away unexpectedly on March 19, 2022, at the age of 80. He was best known for his segments on MotorWeek and his own show, Goss’ Garage, where he shared his automotive expertise and tips with millions of viewers. He also hosted radio shows, wrote for The Washington Post, and ran his own repair shop in Maryland. His death has left a huge void in the car world and among his fans. But what was Pat Goss’s cause of death? Here’s what we know so far.

A Mysterious Illness

According to Distractify, Pat’s official cause of death has not been revealed as of the time of writing. However, some online sources have speculated that he had some health issues that may have contributed to his demise. For example, Next Biography claimed that Pat had some health problems for which he sought treatment regularly. Vim Buzz reported that he had a bad reaction to some medication. TV Death Raysuggested that he was dealing with severe health complications that affected his inner body organs. None of these sources provided any evidence or confirmation for their claims, so they should be taken with a grain of salt.

A Sudden Loss

What we do know is that Pat’s death was unexpected and sudden. He had appeared on MotorWeek through forty-one seasons, beginning with the very first episode in 1981. He had also continued to host his online show, Goss’ Garage Radio Show, on YouTube. His last video was uploaded on March 18, 2022, just a day before his death. In the video, he answered questions from his viewers and gave advice on car maintenance. He seemed to be in good spirits and showed no signs of illness or distress.

A Loving Tribute

In the wake of his passing, MotorWeek shared a statement on Twitter, expressing their sadness and gratitude for Pat’s contributions. They wrote:

“We are deeply saddened to report the unexpected passing of our longtime friend and colleague Pat Goss, who appeared on MotorWeek through forty-one seasons, beginning with our very first episode. Pat was not only a master technician but also a gifted communicator who made complex car care easy to understand for millions of viewers. He was also a mentor to many of us at MotorWeek and a dear friend to all. We will miss him greatly and extend our heartfelt condolences to his family.”

They also announced that they would air the final six segments of Goss’ Garage that had been filmed and a retrospective of his tenure on the show. They also retired the Goss’ Garage segment in honor of Pat’s legacy.

A Lasting Legacy

Pat Goss was one of the most influential and respected figures in the automotive world. He had a passion for cars and a talent for teaching others how to take care of them. He helped countless car owners gain understanding and confidence about their vehicles. He also inspired many aspiring mechanics and enthusiasts with his knowledge and charisma. He was a pioneer in automotive media and a legend in car culture. He will be remembered for his invaluable service and his warm personality.

Pat Goss’s cause of death may remain unknown for now, but his impact on the car world will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Pat Goss. You will be missed by many.

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