Pantheon Season 2 Release Date, Renewal and Where to Watch it

Pantheon is an overwhelming adult animated series. Having its origin in America, Pantheon is a scientific fictional drama that assures its viewers to stay hooked to the series till the very end. The drama is put into action by Craig Silverstein and is said to be based on the short stories written by Ken Liu. The drama is a subtle piece of thriller that heightens everybody’s expectations with other forthcoming animated series. The drama premiered on AMC+ on September 1, 2022, and soon after its release, it became an instant hit and fan favorite. Season 1 ended recently but only made the fans demanding for Pantheon Season 2.

Pantheon Season 2

The potential release date of Pantheon Season 2

The drama has just recently wrapped up Season 1 with the finale episode being aired on 13 October 2022. Since the series has released it has garnered a lot of appreciation from fans and critics. The first season has gone really well among the audience and the fans have become even more restless as no official announcement regarding the renewal of Pantheon Season 2 is made by the officials till now.

The buzz is whether Pantheon Season 2 will get renewed or canceled. So for all the fans who have been worried about the same, we have to say that don’t lose hope as the probability of season 2 happening is pretty high.

This leaves us with the question that when can we expect the release date. Well to say anything about the release date would be too soon as the series has just ended, however, the fans can anticipate that Pantheon Season 2 might hit the screens in 2023.

How many episodes will be there in Season 2?

For those who have seen the drama, know well that the last season of Pantheon had 8 episodes each with a running time of about 40-44 minutes. Therefore in Pantheon Season 2, the same pattern is expected to be followed. The no. of episodes in the second season could be in this range only, either it could be more than this, with a maximum of 10 episodes, or could possibly be less than that leaving the fans with only 6 episodes or so, depending upon how the story unfolds.

Ratings and Reviews of Pantheon Season 1

Whether a drama will continue to entertain us or not, depends predominantly on the ratings and reviews. So let us have a look at the same in order to firm our beliefs on whether there will be Pantheon Season 2 or not.

On IMDb, the drama is a super hit with a rating of 8.5/10. Likewise, it has received a lot of accolades both from the viewers and critics. It bestows a strong game in the genre of animations to its viewers with a gripping storyline and compelling characters together with futuristic narratives. The ratings and reviews surely restore and heighten the hope for the renewal of Pantheon Season 2.

The story so far…

This segment unfolds the story of Pantheon Season 1. People who have not watched this enthralling drama and wish to do so are expected to leave this section for any spoilers.

The story of Pantheon is a futuristic tale that primarily revolves around a teenage girl, Maddison “Maddie” Kim who is devastated by the death of her father. She is constantly bullied at her school until the day she receives online help from an unknown, who is soon revealed to be her deceased father, David Kim. The story takes its pace from here involving another character Caspian Keyes, an intelligent yet troubled teenage boy. Together they come to witness the concept of UI ( uploaded intelligence ) which is envisioned by Stephen Holstrom and realize how this has been a part of their life.

The anticipated plot of Season 2

Season 1 unravels the journey of Maddie’s and Caspian’s realization of being linked with the Logorhythms, a technological corporation that envisions attaining digital mortality with the development of Uploaded Intelligence-UI.  The series ended on a note that left enough space for the story to move forward thus ensuring Pantheon Season 2 The plot could be anything but it is more likely to be in continuation from where the story ended in the last season. In order to know further details on Pantheon Season 2, we need to wait for an official announcement and anything said beforehand would be mere speculations.

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