Pacific Rim The Black Season 3 Netflix Release Date Prediction and Cancelation Rumors

After a low-scoring movie, Pacific Rim: Uprising, the team got Netflix as a platform to further continue the story. The animated depiction of the Pacific Rim world with Kaiju-infested remains of Australia was able to reach a wide range of audiences. Two siblings, Taylor and Hayley Travis decide to find their parents by piloting a Jaeger and encounter a totally different world filled with new creatures, characters, and allies. The story is set in 2025 and connects minimal to the movie’s storyline. Season 2 recently premiered on the Netflix platform on 19 April 2022 but there are reports circulating in the market about the show’s cancellation for Pacific Rim The Black Season 3.  Perhaps the show makers may have some personal disputes as the show has a pretty good rating with an IMDb rating of 7/10 and 71% rotten tomatoes. Check out the article to know every authentic detail available about Pacific Rim The Black Season 3.

Pacific Rim The Black Season 3

The Criminally Underrated Cast of Pacific Rim: The Black

Created by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle, Pacific Rim: The Black is an animated series created by Polygon Pictures. Hiroyuki Hayashi and Jae-hong Kim have directed the mecha action show while Netflix and Legendary Television have bagged the broadcast rights of the show.

The show currently holds 2 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, each running for around 21-29 minutes. The show has a compact list of actors in the main storyline along with a bunch of recurring characters including:

  • Gideon Adlon as Hayley Tavis
  • Calum Worthy as Taylor Travis
  • Erica Lindbeck as Loa
  • Ben Diskin as Kaiju Boy
  • Victoria Greece as Mei
  • Andy McPhee as Shane
  • Jason Spisak as Ford Travis
  • Allie MacDonald as Brina Samantha Travis
  • David Errigo Jr. as Root
  • Bryton James as Corey

Season 2 Had an Intriguing Story

Suffering from the aftermath of the Kaiju monster’s invasion, the Travis siblings leave their homes on a quest to search for their parents. They have Jaeger, Atlas Destroyer, to fight against the monsters roaming the ruined lands of Earth.

The Boy finally transformed into a Kaiju and cannot transform back. While Hayley wishes to help him; Taylor and Mei believe it is useless and stupid. The siblings have a difference of thought where Hayley thinks that Boy is still somewhere inside him and they need to rescue him and Taylor thinks that he is just a Kaiju and no different from other creatures who are hunting them down. Hayley succeeds in transforming the Boy back. They hear some Kaiju heading in their way and the Boy takes off to their rescue. He kills every Kaju that comes in his way and encounters three Sisters. The Sisters think of him as their Messiah and invite him to join them while throwing a parasite at Boy which attaches itself to his skin.

The Boy falls unconscious and is later rescued by Hayley and Taylor. They try to remove the parasite from his body but are unsuccessful. So they rush back to Mei thinking that she may help. Though Mei acts reluctant in the beginning, she helps them by letting them know about a Kaiju whisperer who lives in the valley and might help Boy. She is persuaded to accompany them. As they reach Valley, the surrounding seems dangerous, hence Boy again comes as a thing to bargain for Mei and Taylor while Hayley resists this idea. The trio breaks and fights all the Kaiju in their way until they reach the middle of the valley.

It was actually a trap by the Sisters and while the Trio is fighting more Kaijus, the Sisters abduct the Boy. Shane arrives at the right time and kills two Sisters while capturing one and taking her to the group. As her mask is removed, she comes out to be the mother of Travis’ siblings. The emotional kids try to hug their mom but she is too ferocious to even come close. Shane thinks that the drift is the only way to save her and while he goes with the mother there, he ends up dying but rescues the mother.

The family has an emotional moment to share after so long. Now their only goal was to rescue Boy from the Sisters. The high Priestess tries to control the mother‘s mind and eventually ends up killing her. The group finally rescues Boy from the Sisters but couldn’t escape the situation as the Sisters corner them and try to control Boy’s mind, this results in a forceful transformation of Boy into Kaiju and the season ends.

When is Pacific Rim: The Black Returning With Season 3?

Unfortunately, Pacific Rim The Black Season 3 is not happening. Before the release of Season 2 on Netflix, the show makers had declared it to be the last. The animated series is set in a different timeline than the Pacific Rim movies. While the first movie was set in 2025, the second installment, Pacific Rim: Uprising, took us a decade later in the story. People have enjoyed the animated series but have no clue about the timeline of Pacific Rim stories it is based on. Hence, we may not expect a Pacific Rim The Black Season 3 in the near future.

Reasons Behind Cancellation & Where to Watch Previous Seasons?

There are no official reasons provided for the show’s cancellation for a third season. What we can tell you is the story by the end of Season 2 had grown bittersweet. No rumors exist in the media about conflicts in the production or creator differences. Although many believe that the show has ended at the most hyped storyline and has ruined their show’s experience. Perhaps Pacific Rim 3 was planned and this story is going to connect somehow with the animated Pacific Rim: The Black’s plot.

Critics believe that this series marks the end of Pacific Rim’s timeline as the show-makers have not specified the time period this show takes place. Hence the entry of Kaiju Messiahs is the peak point of the story after which no robots or mechs can make the story productive or acceptable. As the production of Pacific Rim 3 seems doubtful, we may never know the link between Pacific Rim movies and animated series. Let us leave this to the makers and keep hoping to get more seasons to this fantastic show.

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