Pacific Rim The Black Season 2 Release Date; Netflix Anime Renewed?

Guillermo Del Toro directed the first film, which starred big names including Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba. The Pacific Rim universe is best defined as a dystopian, science-fiction dystopia in which the Earth is at war with huge sea monsters known as kaiju. These entities erupted from an interdimensional vortex on the Pacific Ocean’s floor. Humans construct Jaegers, which are huge war robots, to confront the monsters. No further live-action Pacific Rim films have been confirmed as of yet, however, a Netflix animated spin-off series was greenlit in 2018. Pacific Rim: The Black picks up just where the live-action films leave off. The first season took place in a war-torn Australia filled with huge monsters that must be fought. The show follows two teenage siblings (Taylor and Hayley Travis) as they try to survive in this deadly environment while looking for their parents, who have gone missing after going off into combat. Season 1 of Pacific Rim: The Black premiered on Netflix earlier this month, and there is now exciting news about Pacific Rim The Black Season 2.

The first season finishes with a mysterious woman declaring that the mystery boy is the Kaiju Messiah. As they investigate all of these secrets, this will most likely be the concept of Pacific Rim The Black Season 2.

Pacific Rim The Black Season 2 Release Date?

Pacific Rim The Black Season 2 has yet to get an official release date. Based on the release timetables of other Netflix anime shows like Bleach, a year is about what to expect. Castlevania’s three seasons, for example, were released over a 15 to 16-month period. Pacific Rim The Black Season 2 is expected to be released in the summer of 2022, providing it follows the same release timetable as the first season, which was released in March of 2021.

Despite the fact that the show has been renewed for a second season, there has been no official or unofficial update on the next season’s dates.

Pacific Rim The Black Voice Cast


  • Taylor Travis is played by Calum Worthy.
  • Taylor Travis is played by Cole Keriazakos.
  • Hayley Travis is played by Gideon Adlon.
  • Hayley Travis is played by Camryn Jones.
  • Loa is played by Erica Lindbeck.


  • Ben Diskin in the role of Kaiju Boy
  • Mei is played by Victoria Grace.
  • Shane is played by Andy McPhee.


  • Ford Travis is played by Jason Spisak.
  • Brina Travis is played by Allie MacDonald.
  • Root is played by David Errigo Jr.
  • Corey is played by Bryton James.
  • Spyder is played by Martin Klebba.
  • Rickter is played by Leonardo Nam.
  • Marshall Rask is played by Nolan North.
  • Joel is played by Vincent Piazza.
  • Demarcus is played by Ryan Robinson.
  • Shiro Ito is played by Ron Yuan.


  • Hercules “Herc” Hansen is played by Max Martini (archive audio)

What can viewers expect from Pacific Rim The Black Season 2?

The first season concludes with Hayley and Taylor uncovering the Hunter Vertigo, but the Kaiju boy’s true identity remains unknown. The first season ends with a mysterious woman claiming the mysterious boy as Kaiju Messiah, which could be the premise for the second season.


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