Pacific Rim 3 Release Date; Will Fans Get A Pacific Rim Trilogy?

Three years have passed and we still haven’t heard anything about Pacific Rim 3. The fans really want to know about it but it looks like the director Guillermo del Toro currently has no plans for Pacific Rim 3. The first movie of the Pacific Rim franchise was released back in 2013. It is an original sci-fi story basically based on Jaegers, giant bulky robots. The second part of the movie came out in the year 2018, which was titled Pacific Rim: Uprising. Stay tuned to find out everything about Pacific Rim 3, just down here!

Pacific Rim 3 Release Date

Pacific Rim: Uprising received a mixed response from the audience. It was both enjoyed by all and criticized by some. It was the second installment of the franchise. The first part grabbed a lot of audience attention but the second failed to get the desired popularity. Thus, whether the Pacific Rim franchise will make a third installment of the film or not is still an unsolved mystery.

Soon after the release of Pacific Rim: Uprising, the director of the movie, Steven S. DeKnight, better known as del Toro, gave us a little bit of hint about another part of the movie. He did talk about some new ideas and also said he want the whole team together to execute these extraordinary ideas. But he didn’t talk much about his idea, as he doesn’t want to reveal the whole plot behind the third installment.

Pacific Rim 3 Plot

Some people were expecting an overlapping storyline, which would involve Pacific Rim and MonsterVerse. Well on this matter, del Toro clearly stated that this would definitely not be the plot for the third movie. In fact, back then he also said that he is currently not planning to make a third movie on the Pacific Rim series.

I know this must have disappointed a lot of Pacific Rim fans. We also agree with all of you, that there is still enough content left that can be presented in the third installment. The conclusion of the second part, namely, Pacific Rim: Uprising kept some major cliffhangers and confusion tales. Not only that but we all want to see what is destined for our favorite character, Mako Mori.

It looks like Pacific Rim 3 has enough content and story left to be told but is facing some major box office returns concerns. The film definitely calls for a huge amount of money and we all know what happened with the second part of the movie. It is really unfortunate but we seriously can’t help it much.

The story for Pacific Rim isn’t really going to be stopped just like that. We are expecting, Netflix will soon officially announce something new in the franchise. Pacific Rim: The Black, an original anime show is somewhere going to get added as an extension of the two past movies. Perhaps anything and at any time can take place, the director might change his plans who knows! We still haven’t heard about Netflix’s new anime show featuring Pacific Rim but we are expecting they will declare soon.

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