Ozark Season 5 Release Date – Will the series return for another run?

If you like to watch crime, drama, and thriller series then you should like the series, Ozark. It is one of the great series on Netflix and fans loved the series. There are four seasons of Ozark, and after having all those four seasons fans are now waiting for the fifth season of it. However, the question arises of that are we going to see Marty and Wendy Bryde again in action. Continue reading to know more about Ozark season 5.

Fans have watched the series Ozark and all the seasons of Ozark have been loved by fans. There is a huge fan base for the series Ozark. The ratings of the show prove how fans have loved the show as the show got an IMDB rating of 8.5 out of 10 and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 82%. The fourth season of the show was released in 2022 and the fourth season was split up into two parts each part consists of 7 episodes and has a total of 14 episodes. Fans have loved watching the fourth season. But, is it the ultimate end for the series, will there be season 5 of Ozark? Many questions regarding Ozark season 5 are wondering, but don’t worry we got you here. If you want to know anything about Ozark season 5, then you are at the right place. All the seasons of Ozark are now streaming on Netflix.

Ozark Season 5

Will there be Ozark season 5?

Ozark is one of the very popular series and fans have loved every season of it. The recent fourth season was also great. But, according to the show creators, the plan was already intended that the fourth season will be the final season of it as it was announced in June 2020 that the fourth season will be the final season of the show. However, Mundy is trying to convince Netflix for having the fifth season of Ozark. So, there is a possibility of having the fifth season if Netflix wants to continue with it. However, there are possibilities that the show would have a fifth season because fans are demanding it. There are no official reports regarding Ozark season 5.

What will be the release date of Ozark season 5?

Season four of the series was acclaimed that the crime, drama series Ozark has reached to end. To make season four interesting it has been released in two parts the first part was released on 21st January 2022 and the second part was released on 29th April 2022. Fans are still on a cliffhanger that the series has ended or it will have a fifth season of it. The creators and the actors of the show are trying to have a season five as their words in many interviews as the series came to a close was always the decision of Netflix. So, there is still believed that season five is going to come according to some reports that season five is going to release on 28th April 2023. Fans were hoping for the release of Ozark season 5.

About the Ozark series

The series follows the story of Marty Byrde played by Jason Bateman who was a financial planner. He shifted his family to Chicago to the summer resort community of Ozark. Then a money laundering 500 million dollars scheme goes wrong for a Mexican drug cartel and forces him to pay the money to keep his family safe. The series has been created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. The series debuted in 2017 and since then it gains popularity and fame. Till now there are four seasons of it and it is intended the fourth season be the last, but there is still some hope about the fifth season of the series.

As per the announcement in June 2020, season four is the last season of it as we have to say goodbye to Marty and Wendy. As there are still hopes for the fifth season of it. There is also a possibility as the popularity of the show is very huge, and the second part of Ozark season 4 has gained many viewers and made it one of the top shows on Netflix. So, Netflix should think about Ozark season 5. Fans were also hoping that Ozark season 5 will come. All the seasons of Ozark are now streaming on Netflix.

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