Overgeared Chapter 164 Release Date, READ Online, Raw Scans

Overgeared is one of the most popular Manhwa series, and it has been a fan-favorite since its first chapter. The series has been captivating the hearts of readers with its unique storyline, interesting characters, and excellent art style. we’ll be taking a look at Overgeared Chapter 164, which promises to be an exciting addition to the series.

Overgeared Chapter 164 Release Date


    • Pacific Daylight Time: 6.00 AM PDT (11 February 2023)
    • Central Daylight Time: 08.00 AM CDT (11 February 2023)
    • Eastern Daylight Time:09. 00 AM EDT (11 February 2023)
    • British Summer Time: 2.00 PM BST (11 February 2023)
    • Indian Standard Time: 6.30 PM IST (11 February 2023)
    • Singapore Standard Time: 9.00 PM SGT (11 February 2023)


Overgeared Chapter 164 is expected to be released on February 11, 2023. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this chapter, as they want to see what is next in store for Shin Youngwoo and his journey. With every new chapter, the Manhwa series is getting more popular, and fans are always looking forward to the coming installment.

Spoilers for Chapter 164

Warning The following section contains spoilers for Overgeared Chapter 164. Read at your own threat!

Overgeared Chapter 164 is expected to pick up where Chapter 163 left off, with Shin Youngwoo and his team facing off against a powerful demon king. This demon king is one of the most redoubtable enemies that Shin has faced so far, and fans are excited to see how he’ll overcome this challenge. The latest chapter is also expected to shed further light on the history of the demon king and the reason for his attack.

In addition, fans can expect to see further developments in the relationships between the characters. With the bonds between the team members growing stronger, they will have to work together to defeat the demon king.

Overgeared Chapter 164 Raw Scans

Raw scans of Overgeared Chapter 164 aren’t yet available, and fans will have to stay until the official release to get their hands on the latest chapter. Raw scans are generally leaked a few days before the official release, and fans can access them through colorful online forums and websites. However, it’s important to remember that raw scans are frequently of low quality and may contain spoilers, so fans should be conservative when accessing them.
Exciting Battle Scenes.

One of the highlights of Chapter 164 is the exciting battle scenes between Shin and the demon king’s minions. Shin, who’s known for his exceptional gaming skills, showcases his combat capacities in this chapter. The battle scenes are well-drawn and well-arranged, making it a treat for the readers. The violent action sequences keep the readers on the edge of their seats, and the use of magic and other special powers adds to the excitement.

Countdown to Chapter 164

Fans are counting down the days until the release of Chapter 164, and numerous are already assuming what will be in this exciting chapter. With the release date presto approaching, suckers are getting more and more excited to see what is in store for Shin Youngwoo and his journey. The countdown to Chapter 164 has started, and fans can not wait to get their hands on the latest installment.


Overgeared Chapter 164 promises to be an exciting chapter, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release. With every new chapter, the series is getting more and more popular, and fans are always looking forward to the next installment. However, make sure to mark the release date of Chapter 164 in your timetable, and get ready to enjoy an exciting chapter filled with twists, If you are a fan of the series.



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